21 Terrifying Tattoos To Freak You Out

If you thought the guy who removed his own nose and had his face tattooed red was pretty wild, check out how much these people love horror and gore. Here are some amazing 3D horror themed tattoos that will give you real life nightmares. Which one is your favorite?

1. He Needs A Tattoo Of A Band-Aid

2. So That’s What Women Are Made Of… Wires?

3. Peek-A-Boo!

4. At Least He Remembered The Wrench

5. The Cheshire Cat I Always Hiding In Silly Places

6. Cool, But His Visine Bills Are Through The Roof

7. Maybe The Tw Headed Snake Can Eat The Alien?

8. This Used To Be One Of Those Barbed Wire Tattoos

9. Forgot To Use Tough Actin Tinactin

10. Krokodil: Not Even Once

11. This Person Is Fun To Sit Next To At Restaurants

12. Someone Needs A Facial

13. Why Did They Get A Tattoo Of That “Red Skull Guy” Who Cut His Nose Off?

14. She Can See Right Through You

15. Not Sure If Tattoo Or He Just Fell Off A Motorcycle

16. When That Zit Pops, Send Us The Video!

17. Is This Like a Kuato Type Situation?

18. And I Hate Getting Lint Stuck In My Eye… Ugh

19. Obey Your Master!

20. The Weird Part Is This Person Doesn’t Have Any Tattoos

21. Ah!

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