21 Of The Most Merican 4th Of July Tattoos

The 4th of July is the holiday that celebrates our nation’s independence – which is trumpeted by fireworks and firework mishaps. Our nation is having a birthday and what better way to party than by getting a really scary 4th of July tattoo!

Not sure what to get blazoned permanently on your body for the rest of your natural life? Well here are 20 great and creepy patriotic tattoo choices to choose from. Happy 4th of July weekend!


Nothing says “4th of July” more than having a goddamn American flag tattooed on your goddamn face. Goddamn it!

2 Ameriskull

There are so many unanswered questions here. First of all, is it Halloween or is it 4th of July?

3) Eager for the Eagle

That is a hell of a lot of American Eagle…

4) Let’s Give Up

It seems like the tattoo artist just gave up in the middle of this patriotic masterpiece and will get back to finish it soon.

5) Patriotic Jesus On Your Back

I imagine this man will be a hit at his July 4th BBQ. Not only do you have the American flag during wartime, but throw Jesus Christ carrying a cross into the mix – it’s like Superman matching up with Batman.

6) Wow!

Somehow I don’t think this tattoo was done on an impulse whim.

7) Commitment

Imagine at some point in your life becoming really suck of this tattoo – then what?

8) Don’t Fuck With This

This is the all-time worst tramp stamp you’ll encounter after that drunken 4th of July party.

9) Eagle Head

I get it, you have this tattoo put on the top of your head so everyone riding on top of the 4th of July parade floats can see it.

10) Stephan Colbert

It doesn’t get any more patriotic than Stephan Colbert. So why not celebrate America’s independence with his likeness inked on your body part.

11) Eagle Back

Looks like this eagle has a bad case of American-itis.

12) Death Canon

Again, a really awful idea for a 4th of July tramp stamp.

13) Patriotic Alien

This reminds me of a patriotic version of the movie Alien – where an alien, in this case an eagle, is hatched form a man’s chest.

14) Scary or Ironic

Either this is one of the most scariest patriotic tattoos around or one of the most ironic tattoos around. I hope it’s the second one.

15) Party Killer

Imagine meeting your new girlfriend’s dad – this upcoming 4th of July – and he has this tattoo.

16) Planes and Bombs

Okay, this guy most REALLY like planes and bombs.

17) Butterfly and Fireworks

Have you ever doodled something on your junior high school notebook –and then think “This would be a great idea for a 4th of July tattoo?

18) 4th of July Jesus

So many questions are raising through my head? How could Jesus be nailed to the cross and have an American flag draped around him? Is this a different Jesus who came at a later time in history?

19) Rocket Man

This man is clearly ready for the fireworks to go off – all year round.

20) Creepy Eagle

Creepy, Creepy, Creepy!

21 Lady Liberty

She has got the stars and stripes in some patriotic places.

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