21 GIFS That Failed For The Love Of Sports

This week in Break Movies we have scored some heart pounding, hard hitting, sports flicks that did it For The Love Of Sports. My favorite thing about sports movies are all of the balls flying in slow motion. At the end of every sports film, there is always that dramatic shot of the football spiraling slowly into the end zone, the baseball slowly flying out of the ballpark for a homerun or Rocky’s balls slowly hitting the mat as he gets knocked own.  To celebrate the new films in For The Love Of Sports here are 21 sports fail GIFS! These GIFS make me glad I was never good at sports; I tried each and every sport imaginable growing up, but sucked equally at all of them. Unlike me, these athletes clearly play the game for the love of sports.


Now watch more of these For The Love Of Sports films from Break Movies!


The Other Dream Team