19 Classy Mugshots That Will Restore Your Faith In Comedy

1. Does Judah Friedlander know his brother got arrested?

2. "So... I shouldn't lick the wall outlet?"

3. A mugshot of a tshirt...of a mugshot.

4. More like Judge Joe Frown.

5. They were all out of "I Heart Mugshots."

6. Meth: It's What's For Dinner! And Lunch! And Breakfast! 

7. Kid Rock isn't looking so good these days.


8. "Dye that Cheerio red," they said. "Replace your nose with it," they said.

9. Grandma always look scariest when you wake her up.

10. He'd be learning his lesson, if only he were awake.

11. Two more inches and they'll have to arrest his throat for kidnapping.


12. Don't you hate it when you get fingerprint ink on your face.

13. Someone put clay on a skeleton.

14. Name: Mr. Nightmare

15. The Hamburglar finally got caught.

16. Captain Planet just wanted to feel normal for a few hours.

17. Arrested for pot possession. Exhibit A: Donut powder

18. Finally, we know where Channing Tatum got his Jupiter Ascending look.

19. Larry David's adopted son is equally hilarious.

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