21 Filthy Cross Stitches That Would Horrify Grandma

If you have ever been to a small tourist town, or a ski resort area in places such as Northern California or the Adirondacks you know they are filled with cute little gift shops offering trinkets, cross stiches, antiques and adorable wood carved bears. Those places LOVE wood carved bears.

My dream is to one day save up enough money to open one of these gift shops in a quaint tourist town and have it appear completely normal on the outside, but fill it with said wood carved bears… doing real sick stuff.

Where is that paw going, Mr. Bear?

Like the bears would be subtly boning or rubbing one out or shooting heroin. All the nice people on vacation who came into the shop would be horrified and the store wouldn’t make any money, but I’d do it for the LOL’s. That’ why I was super excited to see that folks across the internet have been creating sweet looking framed cross- stitches that normally say things like “This House Is Filled With Love” and turned it into the below shenanigans. I’d sell these along side my fetish loving bears!

1. Cat Lover In This House

2. A Lovely Decoration For the Spiders To Crawl Across

3. This One May Have Been Stitched By The Satanic Meth Head

4.  Boo Yourself

5. I’m Coming Home!

6. Even If It’s Fake, They Have A Point

7. But It Looks So Nice

8. For Michael Scott’s House

9. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nursery

10. Do They Take Credit Cards?

11. This Will Look Good In The Trailer

12. What About The Bed For Sleeping?

13. Those Must Be Some Fun Crows

14. Nothing Like A Good Earl Grey In The Morning

15. Home Is Where The Slayer Is M/

16. What About The Living Room?

17. Unicorns Are Tough

18. Buy One Of These For Each Room Of The House

19. Rainbows Are Gangster

20. Pulp Stitching

21 Home Sweet Heisenberg

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