21 Drunk New Year’s Eve Scenes That Will Definitely Lead to Hangovers

All over the world, people celebrated the passing of another year by consuming as much alcohol as their biology will let them without dying. This morning, they’ll wish they hadn’t. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a few extra cocktails on New Year’s Eve but the hangover they can produce will remind you why you decided to put “quit drinking” on your list of New Year’s resolutions. If in the future you want to avoid embracing a New Year Eve with the kind of pain that can only be reproduced by water boarding someone with lava, here are some scenes to show you what other’s looked like the morning of New Year’s Day.

Thank God that tree was there. We don’t mean that we’re glad it broke his fall. It just makes us laugh to picture his head crashing into the thing before it hit the floor after the chair gave way. We’re sick and we need help.

You could only get away with doing something this messy to your friend if they own a couch this ugly.

One wrong move and this drunk driver is going to learn how it feels to hold a police baton without using your hands. Unless the cop’s into that sort of thing, we don’t like to judge.

Reach in and grab a cold one. No, we meant a beer.

We’re not sure what’s worse: the fact that she’s definitely going to be hungover or the VD her face is going to get from that subway seat

We can only hope that the person who did this got a hangover so big that it erased the last 24 hours of their memory. We wish we had one right now.

Did they arrive to the party in a limo or the back of a working cement mixer?

Come on, where are your manners? Use a coaster!

This is the only way to defeat a minotaur.

We’re sorry Mario and Luigi but your AA sponsor is in another castle.

Awww, he looks just like a kitty cat, a big, dumb, alcoholic kitty cat.

If this scene wasn’t on a pee covered sidewalk, it would be absolutely adorable.

Jaeger, is there any dream you can’t make come true without it ending in horrible regret?

In his defense, he was hungry and somebody told him there was “cake” down there.

Not only is she going to be hungover but she’s also going to discover how much a boob splinter really hurts.

That’s one way to have your cat checked for testicular cancer.

What part of “format dress party” don’t you understand?

We assume they buried him because they wanted to make sure he didn’t wander off in a drunken stupor. It was either this or duct tape him to the garage door.


This is either from a New Year’s Eve party or a really sick round of “Bobbing for Apples” at a Halloween party.

“Happy” New Year indeed.

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