21 Awesome Lucha Libre Gifs To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

God Bless America, and God bless Mexico for giving us this!

On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army surprised the world by defeating the forces of Napoleon III. To honor the occasion, Americans get drunk on Cinco De Mayo. Of course, there’s a little more to it than that, but our description is surprisingly accurate.

And in order to show our support for the holiday, we’ve compiled this gallery of awesome Lucha Libre gifs. Why? Because nothing goes better with alcohol than masked men beating each other.

Granted, some of these Gifs might not be authentic Mexican Lucha Libre, but keep in mind that like Cinco De Mayo itself, masked-wrestling has won over the hearts of people outside its native land. In other words, if a few of these aren’t actually Mexican, just have another Tecate and deal with it. Enjoy!

[[contentId: 2605975| alt: | style: height:255px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605976| alt: | style: height:301px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605978| alt: | style: height:304px; width:400px]]
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[[contentId: 2605980| alt: | style: height:300px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605981| alt: | style: height:224px; width:400px]]
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[[contentId: 2605985| alt: | style: height:297px; width:400px]]
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[[contentId: 2605987| alt: | style: height:240px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605988| alt: | style: height:327px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605989| alt: | style: height:225px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605990| alt: | style: height:225px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605991| alt: | style: height:303px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605992| alt: | style: height:223px; width:400px]]
[[contentId: 2605993| alt: | style: height:224px; width:400px]]
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