20 Unfortunate St. Patrick’s Day Tattoos

Kiss me, I’m Irish! What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a hell of a lot of drinking, wearing green, and some bad tattoo decision-making? St Patrick’s Day is a celebration that happens once a year. However, some people like to live it all year round by sporting an unfortunate St. Paddy’s Day tattoo. Need some unfortunate ideas? Here’s 20 tattoos that will keep people talking long after the holiday is over.

1) Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Looks like someone lost a bet!

2) Fuck Me, I’m Irish

Either those are some shamrocks or this pregnant woman is suffering from some sort of form of green scabies.

3) Live Fast Die Irish

Surely this tattoo made this man lose his job entertaining at children’s parties.

4) Rub Me For Good Luck

Is this the what you call the opposite of a tramp stamp? A great tattoo to rock when you turn 70.

5) Good Luck Charm

Definitely a tattoo to regret once you start attending AA meetings.

6) Charm?

Look gangrene has set in to my foot. No, it’s just a shamrock.

7) Chest Charm

Now this is commitment to a awful idea. Once again, someone lost a bet.

8)  Irish

Even if this is a temporary tattoo – it’s still not a good use of judgment.

9) Leper-Con

Look, it’s the last stages of a horrible, horrible disease.

10) Ewwwwwww!

This tattoo says, “Yep, I never want to be laid again!”

11) Aaaaaaargh!

My bad – this is the tattoo that says “Yep I never want to be laid again…”

12) Leper-Dump

Nothing says “St Paddy’s Day” better than a tattoo of a leprechaun taking a dump into a pot of gold.

13) A Whole Hell of A Lot of Irish

Once again, a commitment to a really bad idea.

14) Ear Keg Lift

I don’t know if this guy’s tattoo has anything to do with the holiday, but I definitely  want him coming to my St. Paddy’s Day party.

15) Do You Have Any Irish In You?

But the real question is, “Would you like some?” – Wait, what?

16) Are You Into Shamrocks & Leprechauns?

This is a great tattoo to have for 1 of the 365 days of the year; the rest of the time, not so much….

17) Like Father Like Son

I’m not even sure what this means…

18) Got Guinness

Okay this person has decided he has no desire for female interaction.

19) Sewage Plant

This is what happens after you go swimming in the pond by the sewage plant.

20) Don’t Drink and Tattoo

Never mix alcohol with tattoo decision-making. Especially when it comes to racial stereotypes.

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