20 People Who Received Sweet, Satisfying Revenge!

This week on Break Movies we are unleashing some sweet, sweet revenge. Don’t believe me? We even have a movie called Sweet Revenge. All these new revenge flicks are streaming for free on Break in Revenge Movies. Many times in life revenge is “a dish served cold” – however I like to think about the times that people get their just desserts. For example, someone might have stolen your dessert and then choked to death on the cherry.  Never, ever take a man’s dessert. Especially if that man is fat; he will spend several years training to become a ninja, lose the weight, and acquire stealth ninja skills to break into your house and murder you in your sleep for the wrongs you committed. Then this dessert avenging ninja will get fat again, eating his delicious dessert over your dead body.  (Whoa, that got dark.) So before we settle down to watch some ass kicking revenge films, check out these pics of people who received the revenge they deserved!

Instant Revenge!

The chef still had access to the Twitter account:

Roommate Revenge

The cat kept sitting on the laptop:

How to pay a bad waiter:

This car kept parking in front of the dumpsters:

Now watch some sweet revenge movies on Break!

Sweet Revenge                

The Revenge Of Al Capone

Warrior Assassin