20 Bizarre Russian Facebook Photos Volume 2

In terms of the weird, bizarre and deranged America has Florida and Russia has, well… Russia has Russia. The only thing that can top the perplexing insanity of Russian dash cam videos are some of the strange photos our Russian friends have been posting to social media.   It was reported that Vladimir Putin has been “missing” the past few days, having not made any public appearances. Maybe he will turn up in one of these weird photos? Grab a bottle of vodka and find out with another round of Bizarre Russian Facebook Photos!

1. The Truck Doesn’t Poop As Much As A Dog

2. Warm Russian Summer Day

3. For Those Of You Looking For Mail Order Russian Brides

4. Russian Mid Traffic Workout Break

5. Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!

6. Ice Bucket Challenge For Two

7. This Little Guy Ate All Of The Pigeons In Moscow So Now People In The Park Just Feed Him.

8. Home Sweet Home

9. This Guy Has A Nose For Very Nice Russian Ladies

10. Do You Kno What They Call A Quarter Pounder With Cheese In Russia?

11. Russian Cow Bath

12. Back In The Good Old Days When Russians Were… Lucha Libre’s?
[[contentId: 2834123| alt: | style: height:615px; width:510px]]

13. Russian Feast: Don’t Ask

14. OK, I Think We Found Russia’s “Florida.”
[[contentId: 2834125| alt: | style: height:510px; width:508px]]

15. DJ Jazzy Jeirgif

16. He’s Split Between Which One He Wants To Drink First

17. This Party Really Sucked

18. In Russia, Bears Don’t Wait For You To Go Into The Woods

19. The Rare Russian Man-FUPA

20. Russian Beach Parking Win

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