Top 5 Times Someone’s Roommate Did Something Really Annoying

Living with a roommate is unnatural. However in various circumstances roommates are required at camp, in college or for the next twenty years after college so you don’t have to move back in with the harshest roommates of all: your parents. From passive aggressive notes to constant pranks to dishes left uncleaned in the sink, after you check out these annoying rommate videos you will be dreaming about living forever alone. At least that way the toilet paper roll will be maintained, the dishes washed and the Brita® will always be filled!

1. Classical Conditioning On College Roommate

[[contentId: 1914315| | size: 75]]

2. This Roommate Shotgun Prank Is Evil

[[contentId: 461559| | size: 75]]

3. Ingenious Roommate Trap In Action

[[contentId: 2385471| | size: 75]]

4. Plastic Wrap Prank On Crabby Roommate

[[contentId: 486567| | size: 75]]

5. This Roommate Gets An Annoying “Patience Test”

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