19 Of The World’s Largest Cheeseburgers To Get You Hungry!

Whenever they trot out world records for things like “The World’s Largest Cheeseburger” I often wonder what they taste like? After hundreds of people got their grubby paws all over the meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato can your little chunk of burger really taste that good? Also; has anyone ever combined different world records? Like has anyone broken the record for the largest cheeseburger served to the largest gathering of naked people? I’m guessing that would violate a few health codes. However once you feast your eyes on these burger monstrosities you will soon realize that health is not a factor. Some of these just LOOK amazing. Here now in no particular order is the largest gathering of large cheeseburgers that I have ever put together, which really doesn’t mean anything.

What’s the biggest burger you’ve ever eaten?

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