Want To Buy An 18K Gold Penis Necklace For The Holidays? Of Course You Don’t

The only reason why I recognize Tom Ford’s name is because I listen to the radio quite a bit and earlier this year Jay-Z had a song where he kept repeating “Tom Ford”. I even think it was literally called Tom Ford. And if there’s ever a guy to sell an 18 Karat gold penis necklace for $800 (with people actually buying it), it’s probably the guy whom Jay-Z named a song after.

Here’s what the weird jewelry looks like in all of it’s glory.

Yep, that looks like a penis and testicles all right. Or maybe just an overpriced piece of jewelry. Some are saying that it’s supposed to resemble a cross, but personally, I’m not sure how else you would design a penis necklace. I doubt you would have it pointing up.

The necklace also comes in silver too, just in case gold is a little too gaudy for your taste.

If this thing really takes off, Ford may have to create some accessories to go along with it. And if he’s reading, I just want to say I personally have an eye for design as well.

If you’re crazy enough to want to buy this lovely penis necklace, head to Tom Ford’s personal website HERE. It’s like an Etsy page for people with nothing to lose.

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source: Metro