Gold Toilet At Museum Finally WANTS You To Take A Sh*t On Art. Literally.

The old art snob cliche of a bunch of rich pricks staring at a dot on the wall talking about how breathtakingly dramatic it is, well, isn’t a cliche at all. Those people exist. And on the other side of the aisle, we’re always ready to take a proverbial hot shit on those fancy pieces of art because we have a superpower to see right through that BS.

Now however, you no longer need to proverbially take a shit on fancy art because the Guggenheim museum literally wants you to take a shit on a piece of their art. Seriously!

You can thank artist Maurizio Cattelan (why we had to wait for an Italian to create a golden toilet I’ll never know) for allowing us to mark TWO items off our bucket list. Taking a shit on some fancy Guggenheim art AND being able to shit on a pure 18-karat gold toilet. We’re not talking gold-plated either. We’re talking SOLID gold. It’s a great time to be alive, people. Of course the Guggenheim Museum is located in New York City, the capital of America’s most snobbish art critics, which makes it all the more fitting to be able to do it there. We’re booking our plane ticket as we fucking speak.

The best part is it actually is a functioning toilet. Can’t wait for the first guy to piss all over the seat.

The museum stated that they’ll have their cleaning staff come by the toilet every 15 minutes to clean the “piece of art” with specialty items that won’t leave a stain, smell or streak. They’ll be leaving the STREAKS to the museum visitors if you know what I mean!

If you’re interested in taking a hot dump on some solid gold, we urge you to eat some Taco Bell and wash it down with a big glass of milk. We THEN urge you to check the Guggenheim’s hours at their website to find out when you can run in with your bowels feeling heavy. Be warned, there’s going to be a line more than likely to see this stupid thing because it is New York so time that shit accordingly.

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