17 Of The Worst Parking Jobs That Have Ever Existed

Something happens to the average driver around this time of year. The cold weather mixed with bad driving conditions cause people to lose their most basic understanding of common sense. They drive too fast on slick roads. They look at their phones when they should be looking at the road. They seem to forget that they are sitting in a chair with a serious amount of horsepower. Of course, beyond the cold weather, people seem to enjoy parking like an a**hole throughout the warmer months as well. So here are 17 of the worst parking jobs ever documented because all of these people need a good laughing at.


The person driving this car either didn’t see the concrete barrier or they thought it was some kind of concrete car jack.


[[contentId: 2829177| alt: | style: height:407px; width:511px]]
We’re sure the driver of this car did an earnest job of parking their car correctly so they wouldn’t inconvenience other drivers. It’s just too bad it was over an ocean.


[[contentId: 2829178| alt: | style: height:255px; width:509px]]
Admit it. You wish you had the balls to try something like this at the store. If you have such a set of balls, you’re probably one of those jerks who doesn’t put their shopping carts back in the collection area.


[[contentId: 2829179| alt: | style: height:383px; width:510px]]
There should be some kind of warning about driving too far over the lip of this street. Gravity can only provide so much of an adequate warning.


[[contentId: 2829180| alt: | style: height:385px; width:511px]]
Here’s something they don’t teach in driver’s ed classes: Those lines in the parking lots are there for a reason


Motorcycles can be an annoying sight in parking lots because even though they are small, they can still take up a whole space. However, illiteracy annoys us even more.


[[contentId: 2829182| alt: | style: height:298px; width:510px]]
It was mighty nice of whoever drew a special parking space for this line denier. However, we would have drawn it on the hood of their car.


[[contentId: 2829183| alt: | style: height:383px; width:510px]]
This is impressive. The driver of this BMW somehow got all the way across this small chasm. It’s like a super white collar “Dukes of Hazard.”


[[contentId: 2829184| alt: | style: height:349px; width:511px]]
Getting your car stuck on one pole is dumb. Two is impressive. Three is a tripod.


The driver of this Volvo is double stupid: They thought this bus stop was some kind of awning for a car and they aren’t smart enough to parallel park in order to cover the entire thing.


[[contentId: 2829186| alt: | style: height:268px; width:510px]]
We knew Google Maps’ Street View would come in handy for something one of these days.


[[contentId: 2829187| alt: | style: height:342px; width:511px]]
Parallel parking can be a challenge, especially if you drive a big car. Unfortunately, there is no traffic law that says your brain has to be just as big in order to drive it.


[[contentId: 2829188| alt: | style: height:330px; width:512px]]
This one presents an interesting puzzle. How did the driver get out of the car after they parked it? We feel as dumbfounded as the person who parked this Ford.


Hummer drivers have a special place in traffic hell. The only way this one could piss us off more is if they painted the Hummer bright pink.


[[contentId: 2829190| alt: | style: height:321px; width:511px]]
We applaud the drivers of the two cars that blocked in this inappropriate parallel parker. If the Noble Committee offered prizes for vengeful driving, these two should be at the top of the nomination list.


[[contentId: 2829191| alt: | style: height:372px; width:511px]]
How exactly does someone carpool on a Moped? Unless you can fit one of your co-workers in your wallet, find another place to park it.


[[contentId: 2829192| alt: | style: height:324px; width:510px]]
Either the driver is a total idiot or this car is trying to commit suicide.

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