17 Completely Insane Chuck Norris Gifs To Celebrate The Legend’s Birthday

It’s amazing to think Chuck Norris, the man, the myth, the legend, is turning 75 today. Born on March 10th, 1940, he’s more than just an actor or martial arts master. He’s an icon. So what better way to pay tribute to Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris than finding the most insane Chuck Norris gifs the internet has to offer as an explanation as to why he is so f’ing awesome


17. Chuck Norris can stop a chainsaw with his hand.

16. Chuck Norris will punch literally anyone if they get in his way.

15. Chuck Norris will wrestle a damn bear if he has to.

14. Chuck Norris is graceful.

13. Chuck Norris had one of the greatest cartoons in the 80’s.

12. Chuck Norris can destroy a television in one kick.

11. Chuck Norris will roundhouse blast you through a door.

10. Chuck Norris can also take a beating…from a paddle.

9. Chuck Norris also has a great sense of humor.

8. Chuck Norris will take a grenade for his friends. Literally.

7. Chuck Norris is a great teacher…of comeuppance.

6. Chuck Norris will fight Bruce Lee and an evil kitten at once.

5. Chuck Norris can win Pac-Man in five seconds.

4. Chuck Norris loves blowing sh*t up.

3. Chuck Norris will let you take a beating free of charge.

2. Chuck Norris is your pal.



1. Chuck Norris gives…no…f*cks.

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Happy birthday, Chuck Norris.

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