This 16-Year-Old Boy Just Won A Contest To Live With A Pornstar For A Month

It’s true, a 16-year-old boy by the name of Ruslan Schedrin has won one of the strangest contests possibly ever created – to live with a pornstar for a month. Somehow that’s more bizarre than a contest to just have sex with one because living with one could get weird pretty fast.

So where on earth is this possibly allowed, to let a minor live with such a person? The answer: Russia.

Schedrin said he was “so happy” and “boiling inside” at the idea of even winning a contest, let alone the idea of living with the pornstar Ekaterina Makarova who goes by the screenname Macy Ssens. He also added “I saw her and I liked everything. She has got good sizes.”

Of course Schedrin’s mom is totally against the idea of her son spending a month living with Macy Ssens stating “He has got exams, he is studying…I am shocked. I have not seen the girl, but my son must study.” You’d think that a parent would care less about the missing school part and more about how they just simply shouldn’t live with a pornstar for a month regardless. But then again they live in a country where a 16-year-old could actually win this contest so their priorities are all over the place I guess.

Ssens has already stated that sex with the 16-year-old boy (listen, that’s the first thing you think of in this scenario) isn’t totally out of the question. Obviously. Ssens said “It is not supposed but life is life.”

However, there is a total flipside to this whole situation for the 16-year-old. A reality check if you will.

Sure, the kid’s mind is in the gutter and probably has more experience with a girl on a magazine cover than one in real life. The reality is he’ll probably be begging to leave after the first week once he realizes her dirty laundry is all over the place and she likes to leave used floss draped on the bathroom sink. You know, the annoying things you learn about someone after living with them for a little while. It can really make or break a relationship.

So maybe it might actually be good for the kid to realize that “beautiful women”, especially pornstars, are just like everyone else, if not worse. At least that would be the lesson learned by the end of this adventure. Assuming she doesn’t force herself on him within the first hour because that’s just gross.

Regardless, this whole thing would make for a great coming of age movie, preferably on Lifetime because this kid’s got a whole month long world of weird ahead of him.