16 of Twitter's Funniest Reactions to North Korea

Turns out that a country known for constantly lying, fabricating realiy and photoshopping its own technology isn't that intimidating to the rest of the world.  So when it threatens war, this is how people react.

1. Rob Delaney

2. Jake Fogelnest

3. Cool Niceman

4. Pourmecoffee

5. Lauren Greenberg

6. Nick Stadler

7. Pauly Casillas

8. Owen Benjamin

9. Justin Stangel

10. Jess Dweck

11. Rob Huebel

12. Elijah Daniel

13. Jenny Johnson

14. Aaron Nagler

15. The Iron Sheik

16. Holy Taco

You should probably follow me on Twitter too, I'm that last one.  Crazy coincidence how I had one of the 16 funniest tweets. - @holytaco