15 Things That Were Actually Cool in the 90s

1. Saved by the Bell

Cool show, right?  Would you willingly spend time with any of these people today?  Screech makes porn, ya know.

2. New Kids on the Block

These guys were like a quintet of Biebers back in the day, girls loved them.  On purpose.

3. Hammer Pants

This was actually a trend.  People went out and bought these pants.  And wore them.

4. Benetton

Look how happy and technicolor everyone is.

5. Kirk Cameron

One of the biggest stars on TV at the time and now he thinks bananas explain Jesus.

6. Overalls

Look how happy Justin Timberlake is with those guys whose calls he probably never returns.

7. Reebok Pumps

Reebok managed to convince people that this was a good, practical idea.

8. Those Cones

Madonna has endured decades and is still known for this.  Like literally, this didn't end her career.

9. Ghost

Patrick Swayze returned from the dead to do pottery with Demi Moore's boy haircut and everyone thought it was OK.

10. Creed

It's like Nickelback's less fun grandfather.

11. Encino Man

Everyone loved this movie.  The movie starring Pauly Shore, Brendan Frasier and Samwise Gamgee, about a caveman who goes to highschool.

12. FUBU

For us.  By us. 

13.Bicycle Shorts

You'll notice Axl is not on a bicycle here at all. 

14. TLC

Easily one of the biggest girl groups of the 90s.  And one of them burned down Andre Rison's house on purpose.

15. Mad About You

One of the longest running yet most terrible sitcoms of all time, they paid both of these people $1 million per episode to produce a show more painful than root canal.