15 Drunk People That Should Never Get Behind The Wheel

When you’re out partying, it’s hard to tell through booze goggles who is actually okay to drive home and who should just call a cab and plan for a designated driver the next time around.  So here are 15 types of drunks you should look out for when trying to spot someone who definitely shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel of a car. Note: Puking and sleeping on the sidewalk are always great signs.

15. Hard to tell if she was coming or going, but she made sure to bring a can with her in the case she gets stuck.


14. This guy knew to not drive home. Unfortunately he did not know to keep his clothes on.


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13. Having a designated driver is key. Having a designated walker is another job all together.

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12. Can’t go home to bed? Sleep on the bar! Seriously though, don’t sleep on the bar.


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11. A nice comfy chair, a television, a belly full of booze and the great outdoors. What more could a friend ask for? Just don’t give him his keys.


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10. This guy is so drunk, he doesn’t know the difference between a chair and a broken metal fence.


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9. Might be the worst advertisement for fresh popcorn ever.


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8. He’s either modeling or sobering up so someone could pull him off of that potted plant.


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7. At least he made it to the chip pyramid before totally passing out.


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6. Clearly this honeymoon has taken a turn for the worse. Better let’em sleep it off.


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5. A backless chair is at least a step up from a car accident.


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4. Why sleep on a bench when you could sleep behind it at a 90 degree angle?


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3. This guy is such a drunk deep sleeper, he actually broke his porcelain bed.


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2. Can’t find a pillow? Use a urinal cake!


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1. Finally, someone is giving one of these drunk people a ride! Probably not home though.


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