15 Incredible Movie Theaters From Around The World

Some of these theaters are so unique and interesting that I think I would be distracted looking at my surroundings and not pay attention to the film! Here are some of the most beautiful and amazing movie theaters from around the world! Which is your favorite?

#1 Olympia Theater, Greece

#2 Sci-fi Dine-in Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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#3 Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

#4 The Paramount Theater, Oakland, California

#5 Orinda Theater, California

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#6 Hot Tube Cinema, London

#7 Cinema City, Jerusalem, Israel

#8 Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Los Angeles

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#9 The Fox Theater, Oakland

[[contentId: 2810915| | style: width:68%]]

#10 Movie Theater In Paris

#11 Newport Ultra Cinema, Newport City

#12 The Crest Theater, Los Angeles

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#13 Cinema City Santa Coloma, Barcelona, Spain

#14 The City Cinema, Rishon Lezion, Israel

#15 The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing

Source: Imgur