15 Hottest Nude Beaches You Should Visit During Spring Break

America has many awesome nude beaches around the country. You just need to know where to look. Since many are clothing-optional on an “unofficial” basis, it can be difficult to figure out where you can go to get naked. That’s why our Top 15 list is so helpful. You can thank us later.

Black’s Beach (San Diego, CA)

This beach isn’t easy to access, which means it’s a lot less crowded than your typical spring break getaway. The surf is great here, so bring your board.

Haulover Beach (Bal Harbour, FL)
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We all know how hot the girls in Miami are, so if you want to see them nude, head to Haulover where clothing has been optional for over 30 years. This government-run clothing-optional beach is just a few miles north of Miami Beach.

Little Beach (Maui, HI)
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If you are heading to Maui for spring break, don’t miss Little Beach where you can shed your clothing and your inhibitions. Hawaii doesn’t officially allow nude sunbathing, but it seems they turn a blind-eye to the nudity at Little Beach.

Baker Beach (San Francisco, CA)
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Clothing is optional at this beach, plus it has spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The downside is sharks aren’t uncommon in these cold waters. So, it might be best to stay on the sand.

Gunnison Beach (Highlands, NJ)
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If you love implants, Gunnison is one of the best nude beaches in the country. Gorgeous guidettes leave their hairspray, clothing and inhibitions behind.

Red, White and Blue Beach (Santa Cruz, CA)
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If you are in Cali for spring break, head to this privately owned beach in Santa Cruz. It’s clean, beautiful and you can camp overnight.

UFO Beach (South Padre Island, TX)
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This isn’t an official nude beach, but you wouldn’t know it by looking around. UFO beach gets pretty wild and crowded during spring break.

Collins Beach (Sauvie Island, OR)
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Hipsters from Portland and visitors from all over the country head to Collins Beach where they can flaunt what they got without a care in the world.

Hobe Sound (Martin County, FL)
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Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge is located about 90 minutes from Miami. This is a quiet enclave that is off the beaten path, where many celebrities have multi-million dollar homes. Parts of the beach are very secluded. And though it’s not technically legal, nude sunbathing is generally allowed.

Playalinda Beach (Titusville, FL)
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This unofficial clothing-optional beach is a favorite among naturists and other visitors to the Canaveral National Seashore area.

Boca Chica (Key West, FL)
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This is a small, secluded beach area that is a hidden secret among the locales. If you are looking for something low-key where clothing is optional, Boca Chica may be the answer.

Laguna Del Sol (Wilton, CA)
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This lakeside clothing-optional resort near Sacramento features camping spots, heated pools, spas, stores, restaurants and, of course, the lake itself. 

Secret Cove (Lake Tahoe, NV)
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The east shore of Lake Tahoe is home to many clothing-optional beaches. Though Secret Cove might be the most well known, it’s also small. You can find a number of other very beautiful and secluded nude beaches in the area including Creek Beach, Whale Beach, Black Sand Beach and several others.

Rooster Rock Beach (Rooster Rock State Park, OR)
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The eastern portion of Rooster Rock State Park is the beach that was the first officially designated clothing-optional beach in the country. The park is also known for a large basalt rock formation which stands on the south side of the Columbia River Gorge. Now called “Rooster Rock,” it was originally named “Cock Rock” due to its phallic shape.

Hippie Hollow (Lake Travis, TX)
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Located near Austin, Hippie Hollow Park is on the shore of Lake Travis and is the only public clothing-optional park in Texas. Visitors from around the globe come here to relax in a comfortable nudist atmosphere for sunbathing, swimming and enjoying nature.