Teenage Girl Gets Suspended for Keepin’ It Real On Sex Ed Quiz

Gone are the days when sex education was a time in health class where the boys were separated from the girls to talk about S-E-X after watching the traumatizing “Miracle of Life” movie. These days, sex education consists of condom quizzes with teachers becoming a little more open in schools. So open that they give very specific quizzes.

There was one particular quiz posted on imgur by a user named dogsandcastsandlemursohmy, but it wasn’t the quiz itself that was incredible. The quiz was taken by the user’s 14-year-old sister and the point was to provide convincing responses to a sex partner who refuses to wear a condom – and her answers were on point.

With the girl’s answers like “So are babies” to potential statements made by a potential sex partner like “Condoms are gross; they’re messy; I hate them”, if that’s not keepin’ it real, I don’t know what is.

It turns out the 14-year-old was suspended from school, not for her honesty, but for her sassy attitude in her answers. With statements like “I don’t have my vagina with me,” as a way to keep her condomless sex partner at bay, her suspension should be worn like a badge of honor and deserves the nation’s respect.

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source: Mandatory