14 Coloring Books For Children Turned Horribly Wrong

The best part about going out to eat at a “family” restaurant isn’t the oversized plastic cups filled with orange soda; it’s the small tin of crayons and free coloring activities they put on the table.  That’s when you know you’re at an establishment of fine food. While waiting for your chicken strips and french-fries it’s always a blast to doodle wieners  and boobs over the innocent looking scene on your paper placemat. Whatever, don’t judge, like you never did that.  The sick artists of a similar mind took things to the next level with these fully illustrated and inappropriate takes on coloring books.

1.  Bell Loves Brains

2. That’s Going To Leave A Mark

3. Whistle While You Cook

4. More Like Sleeping With The Fishes

5. Maybe She Is Going To Make Him A Pie?

6. What Is His Safe Word?

7. Elmo Uses No Hands For Puppet Show! Yay!

8.  Pumpkin Head Strikes Again

9. Hehheh-  They Are Holding “Wands”

10. Hugged The Giraffe a Little Too Hard

11.  Can’t Even Tell

12. Almost Made It!

13. So That’s What Keeps Her Skin So Fair

14. Bert Knows What He Did

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Source: Mandatory