13 Weirdest ‘Friday The 13th’ Merchandizing Tie-ins

Chic-Chic- Chic- hahahha… hear that? The good news is it is Friday. The bad news is that noise means this Friday landed on a 13th; the day before Valentine’s Day no less. Coincidence? Maybe, but this requires us to become oddly superstitious and pay tribute to one of the greatest horror franchises of all time: Friday The 13th. You grew up watching the movies and the less than stellar reboot, so how about purchasing a Jason Voorhees themed wine cozy? Someone thought these products were a good idea at some point. Maybe Jason  should pay a visit to the merchandizing guy… or would you buy any of these weird Friday The 13th products?

1. Spitballs: With Scary 18 Ft. Squirt!

2. Jason USB Drive


3. Nike Friday The 13th Sneakers


4. Golf Balls For Whacking The Green


5. Decorative Spoons To Hang At Grandma’s House


6. Belt Buckle To Poke Your Tummy On


7. Bedazzled Jason Mask Necklace Pendant



8. Jason Voorhees Goblet To Drink A Few Beers By The Lake From


9. Take A Shot Before You Get Stabbed!


10. Jas Blowup Doll – “Decoration” – Right


11. Camp Crystal Lake Pillow And Pot Holder To Remember Where A Bunch Of Kids Were Murdered


12. Hopefully The Snow Globe Rains Blood


13. Jason Mask Guitar Pic Will Help You Shred Some Evil


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