13 Valentine’s Day Cards For Single People

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and furious this week and for some of us that means a candle lit dinner, party of one. If you are flying solo in the love department this week, don’t worry you are not alone! Well… you are alone, but there are other people out there who are also alone- with you.

OK. Let me start over. This Valentine’s Day celebrate being single with these Valentine’ Day Cards For Single People! Then when you are finished snuggle up with Movies On Break where you can watch free movies for single people on Valentine’s Day!

1.  Good News: You Can Be Sad Year Round If You Want

2. You’re Never Alone With Mr. Fluffy By Your Side!

3. Stale Half Priced Drug Store Candy Makes Everything Better

4. Perspective Makes Things Better!

5. Don’t Send A Single Tweet, Not One!

These Single themed Valentine’s Day Cards from Buzzfeed will have you feeling less miserable.

6. Love The Ones Who Mean The Most To You

7. Bonus: Can Always Get Into Your Own Pants

8.  First You Have To Learn How To Love Yourself

9. Self-Love Poems

10.  TV Is My First True Love

11.  I’m Alone With Or Without You

12. All That Dripping Cheese Has Got To Go Somewhere

13. Best Part Of Being Single Is Splitting Meals

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Movies On Break is releasing Valentine’s Day For Single People. Check out some of these romantic solo flicks including:

Crimes Of The Heart 

Sorority Row

Hemingway’s Garden Of Eden