13 SFW Products That Are Not What They Seem

Designing any product to be both functional and visually appealing is no easy task. We know this because if you look at the design of a lot of products, at first glance, they may make you think somehting nefarious is afoot.  Something a little unseemly.  A little crass.  What I’m saying is a lot of things look like sex toys.  I have no idea why, but they do.  That said, I assure you everything in this entire article is 100% SFW.  Feel free to explain them all to coworkers, friends and relatives.

  1. A Bottle Opener

Ready for you and grandpa to open an old timey bottle of root beer and just sit on the porch, sippin’and talkin’ ’bout the good old days.  Nothing wrong with that.

  1. A USB Hub

[[contentId: 2561733| alt: | style: height:448px; width:600px]]

Don’t you hate when you have so many USBs you need to insert somewhere and all your holes are already stuffed full?  That’s why someone made this hub.  You can take all the USB devices, maybe even some from friends.

  1. A Curling Iron

[[contentId: 2561734| alt: ]]

I guess this is for really unruly hair, when you really need to get in there and work it hard.

  1. Yet More Curling Irons

[[contentId: 2561735| alt: ]]

Freud would really have enjoyed talking to whoever designs these things.  Alternately, is it possible sex toys are generally designed by people who flunked out of hardressing schools?

  1. To Infinity and Way Beyond

[[contentId: 2561736| alt: | style: height:511px; width:450px]]

I don’t know what happened to Buzz Lightyear’s legs, you dont know what happened to Buzz Lightyear’s legs but if you look at his face, you’ll see he’s making a distinct effort to not look down at what you’re doing.

  1. Where Form Meets Function

[[contentId: 2561737| alt: ]]

Classic wrought iron look cannot make up for the fact it does bear a striking resemblance to something other than a disembodied fence post.  Why does mom keep buying these things?

  1. Plunging the Depths

[[contentId: 2561738| alt: ]]

In fairness, it’s meant to do a dirty job no matter what.

  1. Speakers

[[contentId: 2561739| alt: ]]

Legend says it’s even better than surround sound, but slightly harder to make out the lyrics.

  1. Minnie

[[contentId: 2561740| alt: | style: height:449px; width:600px]]

Everyone who works at this company signed off on this with no problems.

  1. The Worm

[[contentId: 2561741| alt: | style: height:540px; width:450px]]

Kids love it!  Gross.

  1. Man’s Best Friend

[[contentId: 2561742| alt: | style: height:356px; width:600px]]

The whole dog toy industry has a lot of explaining to do.

  1. Vacuum Accessories

[[contentId: 2561743| alt: ]]

It’s the Gulper Nozzle that’s confusing, usually you pay extra for that.

  1. Canadian Style

[[contentId: 2561744| alt: ]]

Fits right in your polar vortex.