13 WTF Oprah Gifs From The Dark Corners Of The Internet

Today is Oprah Winfrey’s birthday, born on January 29th, 1954. And what better tribute to the queen of nice than the most WTF Oprah gifs dwelling from the deep recesses of the internet.


2. You all get…BEES!


3. No one had a better “Pimp Walk” than Oprah.


4. That time Oprah interviewed the damn Ninja Turtles.


5. Oprah pulling a “Jacob’s Ladder“.


6. Oprah going “full Oprah”.


7. The time Oprah got turned on. Yeeeeah.


8. Oprah throwing down like a PRO.


9. Oprama, the Commander-in-Chief.


10. 80’s Oprah + Cats = THIS.


11. Oprah pinching off a fart.


12. “Oprah Gangnam Style”.


13. Oprah checking out her own snot. Nice.


Happy birthday, Oprah. You silly son of a gun.

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