13 Nostalgically Amusing Radio Shack Ads To Help You Say Goodbye

The good news is RadioShack is no longer going to need your address for that pack of batteries you bought. The bad news for its employees is that the 94 year old electronics store filed for bankruptcy and is closing thousands of its stores. You may recall RadioShack from that time as a kid your dad bought a new VCR that didn’t come with the correct red and yellow AV cables and you had to go pick them up.


That and their great advertisements during the holidays for weird robots and junk you never knew you needed.


However year round Radio Shack put out a print catalog featuring cell phones and desk top computers costing thousands of dollars. Now I can finally afford that $2500 Compaq Presario desktop I wanted in fifth grade! So say a fond farewell to RadioShack by remembering it in its heyday with ads from this 1988 catalogue. Did you own any of the products below?  

1.  I Wonder If You Can Still Order Stuff From This Catalogue?


2. 156K For $299 – It’s A Deal!


3. The Tandy Was Dandy


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4. One Megabyte Of Memory Is Standard!


5. Which One?


6. These Radios Sound Delicious


7. Only 2 ½ Pounds!


8. I Wonder What They Filmed On This


9. True Hipsters Would Still Use One OF These


10. Old Ads Always Told You Info You Don’t Need to Know


11. Sadly He Did Not Take Over The World


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12. A “Daisy Wheel” Printer Sounds Kind Of Dirty

[[contentId: 2818258| ]]

13.  High Performance Did Not Mean High Def


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