13 Guys Whose Terrible Fashion Sense Proves They Need A New Suit

If you are like us here at Break your sense of “fashion” is deciding which t-shirt on the floor of your bedroom has the least amount of nacho stains on it and wearing that for the day. However, sometimes life makes you wear a suit; you get invited to a wedding and there is an open bar, or your attorney advises that the jurors will “like you” more if you cover up your satanic tattoos with a nice beige button down from Men’s Warehouse.

If you are going to go full suit, you want to make sure you get one that fits. Otherwise it will be too big and you will look like a stack of children playing dress-up or… you’ll pull a Tommy Boy.

So don’t be like the fashion fails below. Gentleman Up and wear your best fitting, non-stained suit to work for #FormalFriday and help support a good cause! Good old Rob Riggle will explain;

1.  Hipster Douche In His Natural Habitat: Outside A Gastropub Tweeting A Snarky Review

2. This Lady Killer Is Trying Way Too Hard.. To Let You Know He Probably Actually Kills Ladies


3. This Purple Number Is The Real Crime Against Humanity


4. This Guy Is Really In Touch With Nature: He Is Wearing Five Different Dead Animals!


5. This Fella Is Trying To Prove That Large Sacks Are Back In Style

6. They Put Up One Of Those Bug Bombing Fumigation Tents Around His Building And He Made A Suit Out Of It


7. His Girlfriend Is So Embarrassed Walking With Him In Public That She Clenched Her Sphincter So Hard Her Shorts Retracted Into Her Colon  


8. He Murdered A Clown From The 1970’s And Stole His Jacket


9. He Fought And Lost The Good Fight Against Male FUPA. #NeverForget


10. You Really Don’t Want To Know What He Is Packing In His Fanny Pack


11. Now We Know Why That Lady Really Blinded Herself On Purpose With Drain Cleaner 

12. You Would Not Believe How Many Lumberjacks He Had To Use….



13. This Guy Inherited The Clothes Of A Dead Pimp: Long Story


Visit our friends at Made Man for more information on #FormalFriday!