13 Best Slam Dunk Contest Dunks of All-Time

Break.com Staff by Break.com Staff on Feb. 15, 2014

Tonight, someone will be crowned as the new slam dunk champion in the NBA. However, it's unlikely that any of the contestants will reach the immortality achieved by the dunkers below. We have listed the 13 best dunks in the history of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, so sit back and admire this aerial display.

#13. Dwight Howard

A man that big and that muscular shouldn't be able to have the finesse and agility to pull off such a deft dunk.

#12. Gerald Green

To appreciate this Gerald Green dunk, you have to watch it in slow motion. The way he blew out the candle on the cupcake while also finishing with authority at the rim was spectacular.

#11. Nate Robinson

The 5-foot-9 on-a-good-day Nate Robinson dunking over the behemoth that is Dwight Howard made jaws drop around the world.

#10. Cedric Ceballos

Sure, maybe there was a tiny hole in his blindfold, but what Cedric Ceballos accomplished was damn impressive.

#9. JR Rider

JR Rider had a tumultuous basketball career but his athleticism and power were on full display when he unleashed this hellacious dunk.

#8. Dee Brown

Not only was Dee Brown short, he upped the difficulty level by hiding his eyes. The resulting No Look Dunk became a thing of legend.

#7. Andre Iguodala

After taking the pass from Allen Iverson, Andre Iguodala had to duck under the backboard, float a few feet and then finish with his back to the basket. Wow!

#6. Dominique Wilkins

No basketball player ever finished as ferociously as Dominique Wilkins. This slam from 1985 shows the Hawks legend at the top of his form.

#5. Jason Richardson

Off the bounce, Jason Richardson went between his legs before finishing with a smooth reverse dunk. The rabid reaction from the onlookers says it all.

#4. Spud Webb

Spud Webb, all of 5-foot-7, appeared to literally fly on his way to this legendary off-the-bounce dunk.

#3. Julius Erving

Although many have copied it since then, Dr. J made the free throw line dunk famous.

#2. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan had many great dunks in his basketball career. However, this particular slam illustrates the grace and the force that made him such an illustrious dunker.

#1. Vince Carter

In the best Slam Dunk Contest showing of all-time, Vince Carter was simply perfect. This particular slam redefined the art of dunking a basketball.

Mr_Tideman User

What a sorry-ass bitch sport.  I'd rather watch golf's top 12 sliced drives that miss the fairway.

Ashley Richardson
Ashley Richardson

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Teknopuls3 User

Personally, I thought Jordan's dunk from the top of the key was more impressive than what qualified him for #2 here.

Steven Runkle
Steven Runkle

Sorry but the Carter 180 not the best dunk on Thai list.. (yes.... Not a 360 when you take off facing away from the rim) it was even his best dunk that night..

Shane Mattey
Shane Mattey

Richie Pickett the first and the last one


this is not very impressive. You have freakishly tall guys jumping at a basket that most of them can almost reach it without even jumping. 

Jose-Canseco-636 User

I wish Shannon brown could have gotten another shot at the dunk contest, still the most graceful dunker in the nba.

CurTas User

The live feed on Howard's wasn't great, but that $$hit was dirty.


Jordan isn't 1st?!? Racism!!! Uh Wait a minute...nevermind

duanekimball User

Howard' superman dunk is way up there.  No dominic???

Lame list...