12 Presidential Portraits With Boob Faces!

Artist Emily Deutchman has created either an artistic, patriotic statement on feminism in a post patriarchal society… or she thought it would be awesome to put boobs on the faces of some of history’s most powerful men.  Her aptly named series of water colors “Presidents With Boob Faces” takes all of the official White House presidential portraits and ads boobs to their faces- except for Obama’s painting for which she uses the Shepard Fairy “Hope” image. Where have I seen something like this before? What was her inspiration for this? Was it putting penises on Transformers? I’m just asking questions.

 Of her work she says “Presidents with Boob Faces takes the tradition of presidential portraits and, with wry humor, subverts the solemnity of these iconic figures by transforming their faces with schoolboy “boob doodle.” Fancy!

Either way we think this is super silly and would love to see someone sneak into the White House and swap out the real paintings for these. How long do you think it would take for someone to notice?

George Washingboob

George W. Boob

Ronald Reagboob

James Madiboob

Abraboob Lincoln

Barack Oboobma

Thomas Jefferboob

Gerboob Ford

Ulyssboob Grant

CHESTer Arthur

Boob Adams

And… Bill Clinton

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