110 Year-Old Woman Says The Key To A Long Life Is Drinking Miller High Life

Normally when you read about these super-centenarians, people who live past the age of 110 they are asked to give their wisdom on what led them to live such a long life. Usually this involves eating healthy, not smoking and (sadly) not having children; all things to live a quiet, stress free long and healthy life. However Agnes Fenton of New Jersey has another recommendation to live a long life; live the High Life! Miller High Life.

Not the “high life” you are thinking of.

This past Saturday Mrs. Fenton turned 110 and celebrated like she does every day by having some champagne –The Champagne of Beers that is. She says drinking three Miller High Life beers a day and one shot of Johnie Walker Blue Label Scotch has kept her going for over a century. She claims this prescription for an awesome life was recommended to her by a doctor 70 years ago after she had a benign tumor. Doctors really had some great advice back in the day! SEE! If only doctors were still that good, we would all live to 110. #Logic.

Could you drink this for 70 years? That woman is strong.

Born August 1st 1905, Fenton is only slightly younger than Miller High Life itself which began brewing in 1903. She has lived through Prohibition during the 1920’s when it was illegal to drink beer, and has seen the rise of the craft brew revolution. However Aunt Aggie as some friends call her is sticking to her Miller High Life!

Our future looks bright.

She is trying not to make a big deal out of her birthday, saying “The birthday is just another day.” She was born in Mississippi before moving to New Jersey in the 1950’s. She has no children and her husband Vincent Fenton died in 1970. Up until very recently she still had her Miller High Life though.

Where is my funnel?

However, because of her declining diet, her caregivers have had to stop her from drinking the booze. Asked if they will let her have a little bit of Johnnie Walker for her birthday, she replied;

“They better.”

Let’s hope we are all as kick ass as Agnes when we get to be her age from drinking Miller High Life everyday.

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Source: North Jersey.com