This 11-Year-Old Girl Kicked A Boy To The Curb With The Perfect Breakup Text

Dating in your pre-teens can be a real nightmare. You don’t know the ground rules, you probably haven’t even kissed anyone yet and frankly, you just don’t know what the hell to do. Well this 11-year-old girl didn’t want to hear her man’s excuses after he was seen at the park with another young lady. Most adults need to learn a lesson from this little girl because all it took was three strikes and this boy was OUT.




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The boy tried replying with an excuse of “I’m sorry I was just hangin wit her” but the girl could smell his bullsh*t a mile away. Nice try kid, but you were caught. Good job on the little girl for not falling for his filthy deception. Also, this little girl bought him a Starbucks once? Joey’s nothing but a scrub from what it looks like. Middle School is a bigger and crazier place and she does not have time for your drama, sir.

Katie with her older sister Madi who shared the text to social media.

The little girl’s older sister took the photo and posted it to her twitter page which received over 15,000 favorites and over 9500 retweets as of this writing. So as you can see, you can never go wrong with a beautiful story of comeuppance. Most people say technology is making kids dumber but by the looks of it, some are smarter now more than ever. Especially since I’ve got friends in their 30’s who could use a few pointers from this little girl.