11 Celebrities Accused Of Sex Crimes

Ian-Fortey by Ian-Fortey on Jan. 14, 2014



This past Sunday, Ronan Farrow took to Twitter to, in no uncertain terms, call out his father Woody Allen as a pedophile.  Allen, you may recall, is married to his ex-wife’s adopted daughter in a relationship that, when it become public, was universally acknowledged as creepy but generally accepted because it wasn’t illegal.  Good standard to have.  Now Ronan has brought to light, again, accusations from Mia Farrow’s biological daughter who accused Allen of molesting her as a child.



The name's Scumbag.  Huge Scumbag.

Now people with no knowledge of the situation will debate this endlessly, is he guilty, is he innocent, you’ll see the same with people like R Kelly, who fans have decided are good enough at their art and still on the streets and not in prison and therefore good people.  But hey, none of us can say for sure, we can just look at the evidence and form an opinion.   Is R Kelly a horrible sex offender?  I’d stake everything I own on it, but of course no one can or will take that bet. Is Woody Allen?  His family all seem to think so.  But they’re not alone in the world of celebrity.  Sexual assault, indecent exposure and more are damn near par for the course in Hollywood, or at least the accusations are.  Here’s a handful more you may have forgotten about.

Jeffery Jones



You probably remember Jones from memorable roles in some 80s epics like Beetlejuice and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  He played a great scumbag and with good reason, he kind of is a scumbag.  Back in 2002, Jones was arrested for soliciting a 14 year old boy to pose for nude, sexually explicit pictures.  He was also found to be in possession of child pornography.  Basically he went from being the hilarious principal in Ferris Bueller to the creepy monster from Ferris Bueller. 

Jones plead no contest to the charges and is now a registered sex offender for life.  He settled a civil case with his victim and in 2010 was put on an additional three years probation for not updating his sex offender registration.

Mike Tyson



Mike Tyson is having a renaissance the last few years with movie roles, a one man show and media appearances.  He’s trying to pick up the pieces of a once great career that fell to shambles.

In 1992, Tyson was sentenced to 6 years in prison after being found guilty of the rape of 18 year old Desiree Washington. To this day Tyson maintains his innocence, citing evidence that his lawyer presented on appeal that his victim had, at least once, falsely accused a man of rape in the past.  The appeal failed and Tyson was convicted. He served 3 years of a 6 year sentence.

Britney Spears



In 2010, Fernando Flores, one-time bodyguard for Britney Spears, sued his former employer for sexual harassment.  Flores claimed in his suit that Spars repeatedly flashed him by doing things like intentionally dropping a cigarette lighter in front of him and then bending over to pick it up, exposing her genitals to him.  Ex-cop Flores also claimed she would routinely walk around naked in front of him until the situation became unbearable and he had to quit.  How did Spears respond? She settled out of court.  Make from that what you will.

John Travolta



John Travolta had a rather impressive run of sexual harassment and assault claims filed against him over the last few years.  In early 2012 Travolta was sued by not one but two massage therapists who allege Travolta tried to coerce them into sexual situations, grabbed their genitals and left condoms laying around in a manner that suggested perhaps he was looking for more than a massage. That number rose to 7 by mid-May.

 Travolta’s attorney continually denied any wrong doing and claimed a document obtained by Gawker showing massive insurance pay outs to various massage therapists and others who, in the past, worked closely with Travolta, were not for harassment claims but for legal fees.  This document shows dates that correspond to when various lawsuits had been dropped against Travolta and never re-filed so either story is plausible. 

Other claims, like that of Fabian Zanzi, who accused Travolta of assaulting him on a cruise, were dropped after a judge denied private arbitration which would have meant a public trial.  Suddenly Zanzi decided to drop the case entirely and agree to never refile, and also recant his accusations.  His name is also listed on the document Gawker obtained, but no payment was listed at that point.

Ben Roethlisberger



Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger was accused in 2009 of raping a 31 year old woman in his hotel room after a celebrity golf tournament.  The victim filed a civil suit after not having enough evidence to pursue a criminal suit, and alleged the hotel had a hand in covering it up.  The case was settled in 2012 with neither side confirming the details.

In 2010 another woman accused Roethlisberger of rape in a night club bathroom.  Details were sketchy however, and a medical exam afterwards did not turn up DNA or enough evidence that a sexual assault had happened.  Eventually the victim herself chose to not pursue the case saying a trial would be too invasive but stressing she was not recanting the accusation.  No charges were pressed against  Roethlisberger though he did lose sponsorships and receive some NFL sanctions.

Marilyn Manson



One time goth poster boy and later glam rock poster androgyny-boy(?), Manson found himself on the receiving end of a complaint after a show in 2001 when he decided to put one of the stage security guards in a headlock.  With his legs.  While wearing a thong.

The guard was not amused by having his head humped by Marilyn Manson as part of a performance and sued for sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Originally charged with criminal sexual misconduct, a judge tossed that charge out and eventually both sides came to a settlement.  Seeing a pattern here?

Pee Wee Herman



One of the original Hollywood weirdos, Pee Wee Herman’s so-called sex crime was one of those most widely reported in the media and oddly one of the least offensive, at least in terms of seriousness.  Basically he masturbated in a dirty movie theater.  Unfortunately for Pee Wee, cops did a sweep of the premises looking for anyone to pick up on indecent exposure charges and there he was.  His show, which was in reruns at that point, was immediately taken off the air and his toys removed from shelves as early 90s media made him into a monster.

In 2002 his home was searched on a warrant stemming from the case against Jeffrey Jones, alleging he possessed child pornography.  It took two years for the charges to be officially dropped after it was determined that Reubens possessed a sizeable collection of vintage erotica and Rob Lowe’s sex tape, but nothing that depicted children in sexual situations as had been originally claimed.

Tupac Shakur



Still renowned as the great poet of rap, it’s often forgotten that, in life, Tupac wasn’t always the nicest guy, having a history of assault before being accused of rape in 1993.  Shakur maintained his innocence in the case and noted he’d been with the same woman, consensually, days before.  However, she alleged he and his entourage then raped her in a hotel room, a charge which he was not found guilty of, along with several others.  He was, however found guilty of sexual abuse and sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years in prison.

Michael Jackson



Wait, was he ever accused of anything?

Ron Smith
Ron Smith

Half the crap we pulled as kids and all the way up through college would be considered some sort of crime today.

Ryan Staley
Ryan Staley

That guard is crazy I would've so screwed Brittany

Mark Barrios
Mark Barrios

Britney Spears I will not sue flash me anytime! :) Fernando Flores is a joke it was about the money we all know that and shame on him.

Jacob Watts
Jacob Watts

What kind of idiot did Britney have workin for her...? Lol

johnplusfour User

Two of the most notable examples were not listed here.. Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Az-Fec-584 User

"Oh no Britney flashed me her ass! Call the cops !" She didnt look her best at the time of the "crime" but really, how bad is it compared to the other stuff listed?

Tony Marchant
Tony Marchant

Woodie Allen wasn't recently accused. 40 years isn't so recent.

Dan Schooling
Dan Schooling

Rob Lowe's sex tape had a 16 year old in it. How was that not considered child porn?

Pete Kahn
Pete Kahn

oh wait to late. Once accused, you are guilty according to the way any one understands english.

Pete Kahn
Pete Kahn

lets not jump the gun on a couple of those.

Dan Schooling
Dan Schooling

She signed on to a regular act on the Las Vegas strip just three years later, that isn't the move of a performer in their prime unless they are a magician, stripper or in Cirque du Soleil.

Pete Kahn
Pete Kahn

Accused....... President Obama touched my genitalia like thirteen years ago.

Bradley Reeves
Bradley Reeves

What idiot said no to Brittany Spears in her prime...that can't be right

evildog77 User

You lose, America. The UK beat that total last year alone.

Firemind User

This guy turned down Britney Spears in her prime? Bull, he just wanted money. 

booger82 User

Why isn't Bill Clinton on the list?

COHockey User

Celebs, our communist in chief, the filthy rich, corporate elite = Royalty above the law

The rest of us = serfs to be raped of freedom and liberties for their gain.

Please, tell me how I am wrong here......

LostKeys User

@Drew-Buckner-524 He prob f*k'd her brains out multiple times, then went to court after she went crazy and didn't stop calling. 

Robert-NoSpam-999 User


Break is an intrenched part of the liberal media.

They have an agenda to protect the progressive ideology.

Firemind User

@booger82 Because getting a blowjob behind a desk isn't a sex crime moron.

PlunderBeast User


Yes I do remember when Cheney and Bush started the Iraq war after lying to Congress and found no WMD.  However since Cheney was tied in with Halliburton he gained millions of dollars for himself and his friends by Halliburton winning tons of no bid contracts during and after the war.  Oh, and tens of thousands of people died because of it.

Is that the kind of thing you are talking about?

Ythefnot11 UserTop Commenter

@PlunderBeast@COHockey The no-bid contracts of which you write concerned the putting out of oil well fires. The Halliburton off-shoot that did the job was the only company who could have handled the job of that size. Still, you would have preferred a lengthy, drawn-out process while the fires raged. And you wonder why you are called "useful idiots." Sorry to confuse you with the facts.

KCjoker User

@PlunderBeast@COHockeySTFU...all the Democrats had access to the same intel(UK had the same incorrect intel BTW) and voted for the war.

Robert-NoSpam-999 User


Are you deliberatly omitting the Democrat magority on the intelligence committee who pass the "Lie" on to America and the Commander in Chief?

Or are you pretending the Democrat's were not in a majority agreement to the war act?

Since Hilary was a staunch supporter when it can up for vote, is she off the hook because it would be sexist to expose the truth?

Please note, the same Democrat dominated Senate intelligence committee authored the Patriot Act that was passed by another majority of Democrat and the liberal establishment Republicans.

And yes, Shrillary is part of this democrat majority!

How convenient that the liberals have such a revisionist history, just call yourselves useful liberal idiots living the low info mob thug life.

PlunderBeast User

@Ythefnot11 @PlunderBeast @COHockey 

They won MUCH more than oil fire contracts and no they weren't the only company in the world who could do it.  I only bring it up to even things out since Mr. Hockey can only put down dems when there are plenty of others causing trouble.

Bush built a coffin for the U.S. and Obama chose to put the lid on and pound in the nails.  

Point it they both screw things up, lets not lose track of that.