11 Best Celebrity Tweets of the Week

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Except, you know, rich and famous and flawless looking and talented and…you know what, never mind. Celebrities are nothing like us. But, occasionally famous people do and say things that resemble normal human behavior and we love ‘em for that. It’s important to remember these red carpet A-listers were once sitting on the couch in their underwear ordering pizza like regular folk instead of mainlining liquid gold and going to fancy Hollywood parties with eight different types of shrimp. (That’s what famous people do, right? I wouldn’t know, I have no talent.)

So in honor of celebrities being awesome normal people, here are the 11 best celebrity tweets from this week.

Oh, bless your little heart Lin-Manuel Miranda. Here we thought famous actors just watched their own projects on an endless loop like that brainwashing scene from A Clockwork Orange. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear that’s not the case.

And who knows what kind of spicy tweets Miranda will send out once he finds out Lorelai says yes to Max. Whoops, 16-year-old spoiler alert!

Okay, full disclosure: I had no idea who Dylan and Cole Sprouse were before yesterday. But a quick Google search revealed that they both played the little kid in Big Daddy. They wipe their own asses, so I’ve got nothing but respect for these two former child actors. I hope they got some royalties on that book cover.

It has been two years since Pitch Perfect 2 came out and I’m still enraged that the judges gave the World Championship to the Bellas over Das Sound Machine. #TheFixIsIn.

I need a moment.

I tried to think of something witty and snappy to say, but I got distracted thinking about how good hummus really is. Dove Cameron, you are one smart lady. Keep doing your thing.

Oh, Anna Kendrick, you gorgeous little pixie. You beautiful iron vocal chorded creature. You lovely little mini china doll. You can do no wrong in my eyes or my heart. I will always love you, even if you have rubber cement in your hair.

Side note: What the hell kind of movie is she shooting and when does it hit theaters?

What really gets me about this tweet is the 15 beer-cheers emojis. Like, you know Horan was sitting there thinking, “Hmm, one beer-cheers emoji really doesn’t represent how excited I am and 30 beer-cheers emojis might give the wrong impression.”

Don’t worry, Horan, you nailed it at 15. Well played, sir. Well played.

Two Gilmore Girls tweets in one list?! Now it’s a party.

Okay, let’s really break down this tweet.

-50 for the sequent dress. No excuse for that.
+ 30 for the hair. I think the kids would say it’s “fleek.”
+30 for Kelly Clarkson realizing she just wasn’t quite nailing it.
Total: +10

Overall, Clarkson comes out ahead. Nice recovery.

In Teller’s defense, Duncan yo-yo’s are pretty ‘effing sweet.

Sprouse Bro’s are absolutely crushing the Twitter game this week. Also, is this not one of the most relatable things you’ve ever seen?

I mean, I’m not not down for a petting zoo/crab boil dinner party despite the contradiction. I once asked William Shatner for an autograph while wearing a Darth Vader T-shirt, after all (he said no).