8 Of The Most Hilariously Awkward Wedding Party Photos

There’s nothing like capturing those perfect moments on your wedding day with your groom or bride at your side for your family’s future generations to enjoy. For the rest of us that have no idea who you are, we prefer the hilariously awkward wedding party photos that the rest of us tend to enjoy WAY more! Here are 8 of the more bizarre wedding party photos that make us say better you than us.

8. The Geeky Theme Wedding

Having a themed wedding is one thing. Having a Shrek-themed wedding is a totally different story. It’s hard to wrap my head around someone liking Shrek so much, they actually felt the need to dress up like him on their wedding day. Take that society, you can’t tell us how to look! I mainly just feel bad for the kids when their friends come over and see the picture on the mantle. Especially when the film is no longer significant and your dad looks just completely batsh*t insane.

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7. The Celebrity Cameo

Of course there’s the classic “running from something menacing” wedding party photo that we all have groan to loathe. But there’s always room for improvement when you add a T-Rex. And Jeff Goldblum.

[[contentId: 2799634| | style: height:340px; width:509px]]

That’s right. Jeff f*cking Goldblum.

[[contentId: 2799635| | style: height:255px; width:510px]]

6. Your Dreading Day

What better way to commemorate a wedding you spend way too much money on than by not even showing the people who were actually there..with Slipknot style MASKS! Points go to having a baby that seems pretty okay with such a nightmarish situation. Minus points goes to the girl on the right who is clearly having trouble seeing.

[[contentId: 2799636| | style: height:339px; width:511px]]


5. The Theme Fail

If you’re a Star Wars fan, an Imperial Wedding is the obvious choice. It’s just a shame there was nothing Star Wars-related for the bride to wear. Of course if she wore a Princess Leia costume, well that would be just weird. I suppose a renaissance fair beer wench uniform will do.

[[contentId: 2799638| | style: height:277px; width:512px]]

4. Say Yes To The Breast

Since a wedding dress is one of the more important stressful choices to make for a wedding, why not say screw it and wear body paint instead! Hell, why not have everyone where body paint! Grandma will love it. Especially the buff dude.

[[contentId: 2799639| | style: height:277px; width:512px]]

3. The Make Due With What You Have (or don’t have)

When the bride has some sort of deformity or amputation, you may as well impliment it in the wedding photos by making it look like her arm is going down your throat! How fun! I just hope everyone in the party had a chance at such a gross pose. I’m sure her nub was clean, but I’d still take a pass on that. Or if anything add barbecue sauce and close my eyes.

[[contentId: 2799640| | style: height:337px; width:510px]]

2. The Juggalove

What are you going to get at a Juggalo wedding? Face paint and a heavy appreciation for bright neon neck ties. The reception also held more Faygo than the factories that produce Faygo.

[[contentId: 2799643| | style: height:330px; width:512px]]

1. The Perfect Timing

Even fancy people having some hilarious awkward moments. The Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William is now forever known by this one perfectly timed moment. The only thing missing is a few Juggalos I think.

[[contentId: 2799644| | style: height:403px; width:512px]]

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