11 People Arrested For Digging Up & Selling Women’s Corpses…

No one wants to die alone, but families in China are taking this sentiment to the extreme. Police in China recently arrested eleven people involved in a bizarre ritual called a “Ghost Marriage.” No, they aren’t referring to your first wife who was never there for you (hey-oh!).  Apparently this is an ancient Chinese custom where a guy who dies single is buried with a “spouse” and thus “married” posthumously to another corpse so he won’t be a bachelor for eternity. I guess during the “wedding” they skip the part about “till death do us part.”

A guy selling “brides” in China. Does he do mail-order?

The couple’s first dance may have looked less like Father Of The Bride and a little more like Weekend At Bernie’s. The morbid ritual is still performed illegally today by grieving families and dates back to the 17th Century. Authorities tried to put the kibosh on walking the dead down the aisle under the leadership of Mao Zedong in the 1940’s.  This is one bouquet that no ladies will want to catch.

We found a groom!

The recent gang of corpse traffickers are accused of snatching the body of a woman who died three months ago in Shangdong province and selling it to a middle man for $3,000. Then, that guy flipped a profit, getting a STIFF $6,200 off the stiff by selling it to a family in the city of Wuan. Wang, the leader of the grave robbing gang admitted to the crime and boasted to the cops about the details of his grim business. If you are looking to help make a lonely dead guy’s overbearing mother very happy, Wang ran down  the specs on what sort of corpse will fetch you a good price;

“Years-old carcasses are not worth a damn, while the ones that have just died, like this one, are valuable”

Needless to say, this is one wedding where everyone is totally OK if the DJ skips the “Garter Toss.”

You may kiss the bride!

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