11 Amazing #WeaselPecker Memes

By now you have probably seen the epic photo of the baby weasel riding a woodpecker in midflight. As it turns out this was not an adorable ride between two members of the animal kingdom, yet an attempted murder.

Attempted Peckercide

Photographer Martin Le-May explains that he was walking through Hornchurch Country Park in London with his wife when they heard the squabble between the animals. That’s when he whipped out his camera and snagged the photo as the baby weasel jumped on the back of the woodpecker. The Internet was not to be outdone by this incredible photograph and had at it creating some #WeaselPecker memes to make us forget that the baby weasel almost killed the poor little birdie.

1. Putin

2. Gandalf

3. Evel Knweasel

4. Never Ending Story

5. Disney Saw This Coming

6. Follow Your Dreams

7. Stuffed Animal Recreation

8. NASA Did It First

9. Travolta

10. Buzz Lightyear!

11. Putin Getting Chased…

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Source: Mashable