100 Jars Of Human Brains Have Suddenly Gone Missing From A University

The University of Texas is suffering from some kind of strange brain shortage and for once, we’re not referring to fraternities or the baked potheads on the intramural frisbee football team. The school’s psychology department is scrambling to recover a stockpile of preserved brains that somehow went missing from their collection.

University officials estimate that approximately 100 jars containing the human brains have gone missing since the school took them under a “temporary possession” agreement almost 28 years ago from the Austin State Hospital. The school received 200 specimens as part of the agreement but the psychology department couldn’t house all of them in the psychology lab so they moved half of them to a separate basement facility. Since then, all of the specimens stored in the basement have disappeared.


The most likely scenario is that some people decided to just help themselves to a brain or two over the years either as a souvenir or a Halloween prank. The interesting part is that one of the brains actually belonged to someone very infamous on the UT campus. Even though the agreement with the school required them to erase any data that would identify the person the brain belonged to when they were alive, a psychology professor confirmed that one of the brains that was stolen came from Charles Whitman, the man who shot and killed 16 people with a sniper rifle from the top of the University of Texas’ tower in 1966. OK, we’re officially creeped out now. This sounds like the set up to some kind of bizarre horror movie or a really twisted high school science experiment.

by Danny Gallagher

source: Yahoo