7 Disgusting Things People Have Done To Ramen

According to scienticians who study noodle trends (just go with it), instant noodles have topped 100 billion units sold per year.  That’s more than one meal per month for everyone on the planet of wet, salty noodle goodness.  Since apparently we love instant noodles so much and/or most of the world is too lazy to eat properly, why not celebrate all the intensely lazy ways you can eat this wonderful product?  Why not indeed!

The Ramen Sandwich

No, that’s not an affront to the lord; it’s an affront to hunger!  Why pay big bread prices when you can put some ham and cheese between two slabs of crunchy, crumbly noodles to give your sandwich that dusty, stale kick you can only get from Ramen!

The Ramen Pizza

[[contentId: 2437809| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 400px; height: 427px;]]

This appears to be a flat base of Ramen noodles covered with cheese and pepperoni.  That layer of white stuff under the melted cheese and above the noodles?  Eh, no idea.  Looks like either feta or egg whites, we got this image without a recipe so the sky’s the limit, really.

Grilled Ramen

[[contentId: 2437810| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 400px; height: 300px;]]

Now you may be thinking “Break, if I can afford marinade and a grill, why the hell would I even eat this?” and to that we say quit asking questions.  This is a slab of noodles that you soak in a marinade and then grill because why not?  Some of the best stuff in life happens because someone said “why not?”

Aloha Ramen

[[contentId: 2437811| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 400px; height: 300px;]]

Remember in Fight Club when Brad Pitt says “I want you to hit me as hard as you can?”  This is what he meant.  A base of Ramen with pineapple, Spam chunks and a fried egg.  This food will either knock you down or make you into some kind of superman.  Or just really elevate your blood pressure.  No one here’s a doctor.

The Ramen Dawg

[[contentId: 2437812| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 400px; height: 267px;]]

At first glance you might assume this food product is the result of someone doing the exact opposite of trying (also known as “not trying”) but man, you’d be very slightly wrong.  Someone did try here.  They tried to find a way to add extra sodium and carbs to a hot dog, and they did.  Good job, noble food vendor.

Dorito Ramen Salad

[[contentId: 2437813| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 400px; height: 284px;]]

Ah, the heart of Chexican cuisine, it’s taco spicing and Ramen together on a bed of Doritos, a food that represents Ramen culture about as much as Ramen does.  This is either brilliant or terrifying, please make your own and let us know how it turned out for you.

Ramen Burger

[[contentId: 2437814| data-allowvote: false| style:width: 400px; height: 319px;]]

Is a Ramen burger different than a Ramen sandwich?  The brown in this photo says yes.  And, let’s be honest, your heart says yes too, doesn’t it?