10 Worst Sleazy Motel Yelp Reviews

What follows is going to make you feel really itchy. These are the 10 worst sleazy motel reviews on Yelp. They run the gamut of every possible horrific motel scenario known to humanity – excluding finding a dead body stuffed into the mini-bar.

Are you a fan of bedbugs or dried blood on the mattress? Then read on my friends – and never leave home again!

Motel 6/Beeville, TX

REVIEW: Avoid this place at all costs – it may be the worst motel in America.

Motel 6 in Beeville, Texas, featured a mouse under the covers, a bed bug infestation, mold, stained carpets, constantly refilling toilets, broken doors, missing/ broken TV remotes all for the price $99 a night! What is that sound every 10 seconds? Oh the toilet is broken and constantly refilling itself. Grab onto the lid to take a look, and discover that it’s broken as well.

Someone also found a mouse in the sheets.

Andy wakes up screaming at 4 in the morning thinking a cockroach is in his bed. We turn on the lights to discover not a cockroach, but a mouse. In our sleep-addled state we are unable to catch it, but see it dart under the bed. We decide not to investigate what else is under there. We show front desk our rodent, but unfortunately there are no rooms we can move into that night. We spend the rest of our time in the room fully dressed with our socks pulled up over our pants. After we left the Motel 6 I discovered tiny bite marks all over my body. Someone advised that they were most probably bed bug bites. Two days later they continue to itch and have begin to swell.

Do NOT stay in this motel. 1 star only because I am forced to.

Motel 6, Louisville, KY

REVIEW: Probably the worst hotel ever. Unfortunately we prepaid for 3 nights. It was so disgusting that we left early. We witnessed fights in the parking lot and broken down cars. The lobby is always full of people who seem like they sleep in there. The lobby has the overwhelming smell of pot.

Also the toilets were not bolted down.

The floors and bathroom were disgusting.  The toilet was not bolted to the floor and tipped up when we sat down.  All night and day we listened to people arguing in other rooms, the hallway and parking lot. Deserves zero stars.

ABC Motel, Gainsville, FL

REVIEW: DO NOT STAY HERE!  This motel is filthy, when we checked into our room the bed sheets were stained with yellow spots, there was someone’s hair on our sheets, and the room smelled. When we told the front desk they were rude, and gave us another room that was just as dirty. When we said that we would not stay here because of the state of the rooms and that we wanted our money back, the man pointed to a sign on the wall that said ‘No Refunds.’ We said we would report him to Consumer Services and he said he “didn’t care.” Honestly we would’ve sucked it up and stayed there for one night instead of losing our money but we were seriously worried that the motel would have bed bugs or something–it just was really, really dirty.

We then paid for another hotel down the street and stayed there instead. It was only slightly more expensive but infinitely better.

DO NOT STAY HERE! It’s dirty and the staff is rude.

Studio 6, Memphis

REVIEW: My wife and I went on a business trip to Memphis. We don’t know the city very well and Studio 6 is our go to normally. We arrived at 11:00pm and were exhausted from our 8 hour drive with 2 dogs. The clerk at the desk finished whatever he was doing on his phone and proceeded to walk around the whole hotel and check each room to see if they have been cleaned. This place was very shady to say the least. I told him that I would be paying cash and he told me there would be a $100 deposit because we were paying cash. I said thats fine and paid him for one week plus deposit. We got the keys to the room and noticed on our way to the room all of the hookers and drug dealers lingering about. I walked up to the security guard and asked him if my vehicles would be safe during our stay and he reassured me that they will. To make a long story short, I woke up in the morning to get some coffee for the wife and I and found my truck ripped apart. $5000 worth of tools and stereo system were stolen right from under the security guards nose. I immediately called the police and went to check out. They would not refund my deposit saying that it was never given to the night clerk and told me i am S.O.L. about my money. This is the worst experience of my life. I am now letting the courts decide how this is going to play out.

Motel Santa Cruz

REVIEW: We got back to the hotel around 10, after checking in at 7, and as we go to pull the sheet back notice the bodily fluids that are on the sheets, along with hairs. It was evident that these sheets were never washed since the last guest stayed in them. This was in BOTH beds. Pubic hairs, and head hair…along with the other stains. The floors were FILTHY, so bad that we refused to take off our shoes. The shower floor had mold in the grout, and the shower had bugs lining the bathtub surface. There were dirt marks all over the wall and “only Ceasar” was carved into the headboard. We couldn’t even stand to be in the room, and immediately left to go get a refund. We would have rather slept in the car than in there. When we went down, the owner was so rude – wouldn’t even look at us, just walked away and went to examine the room, and by examine I mean completely ignore everything we were showing her to then say “get your stuff” and walk out of the room.

Mission Valley Resort, San Diego

REVIEW: Right off the bat things got weird.  There is a window at the front office, I look in, no one to be seen.  A sign says knock, I knock.  A guy who resembles one of the creepy neighbors from the movie “The Burbs” comes out from behind a curtain.  He has one room left, we accept out of shear desperation at this point.    He gives us the key and TV remote (weird), then asks us if we have any beer he can have, no joke.  On our way back to the room I notice they are numbered with a sharpey marker directly on the door.  We get to ours and open the door.  I see two bugs immediately scurry under the dresser.  The bed is 3 mattresses stacked up.  The sheets have stains all over them.  There is dirt/debris all over the place.  The bathroom had tile missing from the floor, the toilet almost tipped over when you sat on it, and three different color towels await you on the back of the toilet.  I didn’t use the shower because, a) I didn’t even want to open my bag of clothes and risk contamination with whatever species of bug(s) inhabited the room, and b) I honestly think I would have been dirtier after showering. 

We were woken during the night by a drunk, creepy co inhabitant of the complex beating in the door, thinking our room was his. The creepiest part of the experience came the next morning when we were getting ready to leave.  Each room has sliding glass doors aside from the normal entry door, which are covered with curtains.  The curtains don’t completely reach the ground so you are able to see the floor of some of the rooms.  2 rooms down, on the tile floor there was blood all over the floor, smeared w/bloody rag lying next to it as if someone was trying to clean it up. 

Highland Motel, Newburgh, NY

REVIEW: I felt like a had just checked into the Bates Motel when I was given my room. I was greeted by a deep stench of cigarettes and poo that permeated through everything in the room emanating from the carpet . The manager tried to cleanse the odor with a can of deodorizing spray, but the monster of a smell was persistent. The bathroom was tiny and dirty. The light casing housed a plethora of dead and alive bugs inside. I was afraid to touch the shower fearing foot fungus was the best thing I could have gotten from the mildewed, cracked walls. The window in the bathroom was broken, not able to properly lock. So I had to reinforce it so that no one could open it from the outside. The carpet in the room was disgusting forcing me to put on sandals before setting foot on the ground. I think the most interesting part about staying at this motel was not the spiders I had to kill in the bathroom or the exposed, disgusting, poor-excuse-for-a ventilation system that blew out gross air, but it was the drug bust at 11pm in the room next door which turned into a chase on foot for the strung out girlfriend. (In case you were wondering, they found 10 unused syringes of heroine, some used needles, and a bit of pot.) Needless to say I was disgusted

Skyview Plaza Motel, Philadelphia, PA

REVIEW: This is the #1 worst hotel I have ever stayed at. I spent literally one solid hour trying to swap out but their was nothing within 60 minutes of a drive. We literally were one step away from sleeping in the car (would have too if i was on the bed with the blood but my friend wasn’t as grossed out as i was).

Here are my issues:

1) Feces in toilet upon arrival.

2) Pillow had some one else’s cologne on it.

3) Hair in the bed.

4) Cigarette burns on headboard

5) Cigarette ash in the draw.

6) Running, noisy toilet.

7) Sticky, dried up drink in the common area.

8) The WORST… We took the mattress cover and their was 100% blood on it the size of a basketball. I know what dried blood looks like and that was it.

Also the drained pool was an eye sore. Never ever stay here. I am so passionate about this i will provide you with pics of this dump if you message me in disbelief.

North American Motor Inn, Philadelphia, PA

REVIEW: Instead of a mint on our pillow upon arrival, we were greeted by a condom (used) caked into the floor. Witnessed 2 drug deals while smoking a cigarette outside and the icing on the cake was the loudmouth housekeeper literally screaming at us upon checkout- trying to swingle a “45$ fee” out of us for her purse. Place Is a decrepit shithole that had zero management skills and zero customer service skills. ZERO STARS

Motel 6 Bessemer, AL

REVIEW: The girl at the front desk gave us completely unsolicited “advice” on how to deal with black people who “all have guns and will shoot white people if you say the wrong thing” in the “ghetto” which was actually a decent area. This was after we said we were from San Francisco.

1) do you seriously think we don’t have black people in San Francisco?

2) maybe you have problems with black people because you talk about them like rabid animals. Cockroaches and a giant stain on the floor.

What is the worst motel you have ever been to?

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