10 Worst Places for a Valentine’s Day Getaway

Are you planning a romantic weekend getaway to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here’s the rundown on all the places and things you should avoid.

Amusement Parks

Whining kids, long lines, overpriced food, dizzying rides… Disneyland doesn’t exactly scream romance.

The Zoo
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The zoo has all the issues of the amusement park — only on a smaller scale with the wonderful addition of stinky animals.

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Gazing at the stars. Sharing a sleeping bag. It sounds like Valentine’s Day bliss, right? NO. GOD, NO. Camping is dirty, cold and better suited for a weekend with the guys.

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If you are single, head to a ski town this weekend for cold weather and hot chicks. If you actually have a date on Valentine’s Day, those snow bunnies are going to be nothing but distractions. Stay away.

Sky Diving
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Sky diving, bungee jumping and other death-defying activities can wait for another day. Stick to ice skating or going Dutch if you want to be a little risky.

[[contentId: 2577241| alt: | style: width:600px]]

It’s rodeo season in Texas. Yee haw! Though all the guys in tight Wrangler’s might turn your chick on, the smell of manure and evidence of animal cruelty probably won’t.

[[contentId: 2577242| alt: | style: width:600px]]

Meeting your partner on the top of the Space Needle in the hipster capital of the world is about as cliche as it gets. You’re not cool enough to pull it off without something going terribly wrong.

New York
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New York City is overpriced every day of the year, but on Valentine’s weekend, it’s downright ridiculous. Every restaurant, club and event for the entire weekend is crowded and aimed at draining your wallet.

Las Vegas
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Unlimited drinks. Drive-thru wedding chapels. ‘Nuff said. Avoid Vegas at all cost.

Anywhere in the South
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Have you seen how those people are handling the snow?