10 Weirdest Books On Amazon

What are the weirdest book titles on Amazon? Or at least what are the ten weirdest book titles on Amazon – that we have happened to find? Does it involved games you can play with your pussy cat? Or perhaps the theme is Pooh gets stuck?  Whatever might be here are a clean dozen of weird and wonderful named book titles.

1.) Percy The Poop

There’s actually an entire “poop” niche book genre on Amazon. (Just type in the word “poop” and see what comes up.) Really, just take your pick of the lot. I know this is an earnest attempt to get kids potty trained – but there are dozens of books exactly like it with “poop” in the title. But in this case, Percy the Poop is said to be written by someone named Handlebar Kingle “author of countless unpublished children’s books.” Do you really want “poop” and “handlebar” in the same sentence?  Source.

The cover image gives the humanoid poop some sort of texture – like the originator was eating a lot of roughage.




This book is beyond weird and made no sense. I actually deleted it from my library. I am no prude but this was just strange.


2.) Games You Can Play With Your Pussy

Okay, either this book was written by a clueless granny or was penned back in 1940. The description says the book includes: Naming Your Pussy, How to Feed Your Pussy, Sleeping with Your Pussy, Disciplining Your Pussy, How to Handle A Hot Pussy and lots more.  Source.



Warning: despite the cover illustration, this book contains no useful advice whatsoever about how to teach your cat to play chess.

3.) Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover

Ok, I have a word for the author: there were a lot of other things that also made Hitler not such a good guy; and non-animal loving and meat eater are pretty low on the list. The book tries to make the case that Hitler wasn’t a vegetarian. Well, maybe he was – but just wasn’t a Nazi about it? Source.  Scathing Review



Hitler was indeed an animal lover, a vegetarian, and rabidly anti smoking. The author here just tries hard to discount what those around Hitler had to say about him. The author never met Hitler, nor did he find any proof that those who knew Hitler lied about his being a vegetarian animal lover. This book is a typical political revisionist effort to distance progressives from Hitler.


4.) Fancy Coffins To Make Yourself

Dale Powers is the author of this book. The premise is simple: “Here’s the help you need for one of life’s most critical undertakings — making your own coffin.” Because if you are going to make your own coffin – why not make it fancy? Source.  Scathing Review


* Junky Coffins

This book should be entitled, “Build a coffin at Summer Camp”. The quality of the coffin depicted in the illustrations would lead me to believe that the author is not a woodworker and that he is not qualified to write on the subject. The workmanship depicted looks as though a group of school kids put it together. There is nothing in this book that a little imagination and general woodworking knowledge couldn’t improve on.


5.) Old Tractors And The Men Who Love Them

Okay, I think I saw a BBC documentary on this – where their cameras caught a guy in a parking lot trying to have sex with the tail pipe of a Buick. It’s the love that dare not speakith thy name… Source. Scathing Review


 **Christmas Gift

I don’t know if Ed enjoyed the book. He seemed to like the title. I appreciated that it came in time to give as a gift.


6.) How To Succeed in Business Without A Penis

This book is about strategies for the working woman; not for those who have had heavy machine accidents. Watch for the follow up book: How to Succeed in Housecleaning and Shopping Without a Vagina. Source.

Scathing Review


Another worthless book

Yet another worthless book from Karen. This author loves to take any opportunity to attack anything that’s symbolically male, including in this case, the world of business which was created by men. Men should not feel guilty or apologize for that fact either, nor should they be sympathetic of the “female struggle” in business or any other domain of men. Its important to note also that men created the free-enterprise system and all business schools, as well as higher-education in general.


7) The Pocket Book of Boners

What do you do if you just read How To Succeed In Business Without A Penis? You follow it up with the Pocket Book of Boners – silly! The original title was “The Book of Pocket Boners.”  Source.

No Reviews!

8.) A Practical Guide To Racism

This book is a follow up to “An Impractical Guide to Racism.”  Source. 

Scathing Review


* Entirely Awful

I am a 23 year old Caucasian man. This book is the most disgusting thing I have ever read that I care to remember. I had hoped it would be similar to “How to Understand and Use a Norwegian (A Users Manual and Troubleshooter’s Guide)” but cover more ethnicities. Was I ever wrong….very immature, distasteful, poorly written and uninformative. Don’t waste your time.


9.) Anybody Can Be Cool – But Awesome Takes Practice

Guess what? This book has a Jesus twist. Synopsis: Anybody Can Be cool-But Awesome Takes Practice is an adventure in letting truth shape one’s self-image. Bestselling author Lorraine Peterson helps teens discover what God says about each one of them. -Focus on biblical truths that free people to express their true personalities.


Scathing Review


*I’m still not awesome.

I bought this book thinking it would take me from cool to awesome, but I’m still just the average type of cool. What gives?! Not only do I do devotions, but I devoted to be awesome. I want my money back.


10.) Pooh Gets Stuck

Maybe that’s caused by eating too much honey?


Scathing Review

* 🙁

Not what I was expecting, considering the title…

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