10 Weird Thanksgiving Tattoos To Be Thankful For

Okay, let’s say you love Thanksgiving. No. I mean reeeeeaaaaally love Thanksgiving. You love the holiday so much, that you decide to immortalize the festivities all-year-round by getting a Thanksgiving tattoo. You know; permanent.

Does that sound like a bad idea or…the worst idea ever? Well, there’re a few human beings out there that strongly feel otherwise. These fine holiday-loving Americans have gone out and got themselves inked with Thanksgiving-themed tattoos.

And here’re 10 of the worst we found:

1. Hot Pilgrim Lady

So pilgrim ladies were all blond and rosy-cheeked. Right? So why not relive this iconic matriarch of feasting and killing of indigenous people with a year-round tramp-stamp?

2. The Entire Thanksgiving Meal

If you are going to get a tattoo – why not make a meal out of it. Literally. This fine holiday-lover decided not to focus on a singular food-time but the entire Thanksgiving meal. We got pie. We got the turkey. We got cranberry sauce. We get something yellow in a mug. The kicker; each holiday meal entrée has a candle by its side. I’m sold!

3. Ugly Turkey


A turkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving. It also has a really weird red thing hanging from its neck. This tattoo must look really great in July when this gent is at the beach or attending  a Hell’s Angels gathering.

4. Rainy Turkey

It’s hard to understand why you would want a tattoo of Thanksgiving turkey wearing a pilgrim hat. But added the aspect of rain and umbrella makes one wonder the backstory behind this? Is it a turkey from Seattle? (It rains a lot there.)

5.  Pie on Its Own

A slice of holiday pie is an unusual  tattoo choice. But what if that piece of holiday pie were tattooed onto your foot? That’s pure WTF terrain.

6. Gunner Turkey

What can be more American than a Turkey trying to escape the hand of death with bullet shells flying everywhere? USA! USA! USA!

7.  Homicidal Turkey Killer

I got a big knife. I kill turkeys. I’m a psychopath. I’m a tattoo!

8. Giving Thanks

This tattoo has the true spirit of Thanksgiving. A white hand reaching across to shake hands with a black hand; while being back-dropped by an American flag. Fingers crossed no one will think this is a confusing tattoo choice.

9. Pigs with Knives

There’s a whole hell of a lot going on here. Crazed pigs knifing a turkey. Someone must really hate Thanksgiving or turkeys.

10. And Of Course Pumpkin Pie…

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a tattoo of a singular piece of pumpkin pie. I’m not sure which body part this is tattooed on; but I’m hoping it’s a jailhouse pumpkin pie tattoo tear…