10 Things to Avoid This Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us and that means drunken college kids and pretty much nothing else.  But watch out for these things - the ugly side of Spring Break (unless you're into this stuff).

1. Not so fast, Spiderman

Pretty much every year someone gets hospitalized because of stuff like this.  Go college education!

2. Nice Bush

Not a bad rack, either.

3. Grandpa Munster

Don't hate the playa, hate his prostate medication.

4. Technicolor Yawn

This is what the gutters in Disney Land look like all the time.

5. Oh Deer

Probably a good reason why the cop never took that head off.

6. Geriatic Action

Awww, come on now.

7. The Get-a-Long Gang

So these dudes did not see much action.

8. Daddy's Little Angel

Yeah, this will be on the internet forever.

9. Suck it, Young People!

Stop ruining Florida, ya crappy whippersnappers.

10. Sleepy Time

Young love is so sweet.