10 Things Elon Musk Could Learn About Going To Mars Through Sci-Fi Movies

Elon Musk says we will be able to travel to Mars in 2024. He’s going to do it with a rocket; a really big one. Mr. Musk estimated it would cost $10 billion to develop the rocket though his company: SpaceX. A few details; each of the SpaceX vehicles would take 100 passengers per Mars journey – with trips planned every 26 months. Estimated Mars ticket cost: $500,000 per person.

So what would a journey to Mars be like? Let’s look at a few Mars-based sci-fi movies – to determine what Elon Musk needs to know to plan a journey to the Red Planet.

Capricorn One


If Musk’s Mars mission fails – he could always take a nod from the movie, Capricorn One; where they simply filmed the Mars landing on a soundstage. Musk couldn’t probably even get OJ Simpson to reprise his role – if he ever gets out of prison.

The Juice!

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Simple plot: Santa sets up a toy factory on Mars. That’s right, Santa outsources his toy production to Mars – and ends up fighting bad Martian guys. Perhaps, that’s what Musk’s plan is as well; outsource his Tesla production to the red planet.

The Martian

What Musk can learn from The Martian – if he happens to get stuck on Mars- always grow potatoes fertilized in your own shit.

Abbott and Costello Go To Mars

Does it mean that Abbott and Costello jumped the shark when the movie plot has the “Who’s on First” duo bound for Mars? Toted as “the funniest movie on the planet. ” Elon Musk’s vision takes a detour when Bud and Lou – somehow end up on a planet inhabited by man-hungry females. Man, oh man!

Mars Attack

Musk should know that Mars isn’t a friendly place – Martians simply are big-brained green creatures who want to incinerate our planet; and only Jack Nicholson can help us wipe them out.

Total Recall

How would Elon Musk know if someone stole his mind? Just remember, Johnny Cab is the Uber of Mars.

The Wizard of Mars

Believe it or not, you might be surprised by the special effects but The Wizard of Mars wasn’t made in 2016 – but in 1965. If Musk would learn – a trip to Mars would triple dare you to retain control of your mind as telepathic creatures attack your brain. Apparently, there’s a spike pendulum of death you have to battle once you get to Mars.

The Angry Red Planet

“Is there life on Mars?” says Elon Musk. “For centuries we have wondered.”

Through the wonders of CineMagic – we will see what Mars is really like..in CineMagic. Elon Musk beware: Mars is one Angry Goddamn red planet..in CineMagic.


Movie Description: A clumsy, impulsive scientist (Harland Williams) is chosen to go aboard NASA’s first manned flight to Mars. Keep in mind Elon Musk, Harland Williams is the last guy on Earth you’d want on the first manned mission to Mars.

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War of the Worlds

Thought Martians might not be friendly – Musk will learn that their wrath will actually bring his family closer together.