10 Siblings Of Celebrities That Almost Look Just Like Them

This week in Movies On Break we have some awesome new sequels to films that will make you say There Was A Sequel?! Similarly some celebrities that you have come to know and love have a brother or sister that you didn’t know about- that looks almost, but not quite like them. When you see a photo of them next to their more famous sibling, you say “They have a sibling!?” So to celebrate these “human sequels” we have put together a list of celebrity siblings.

However some film franchises don’t know when to quit and keep creating more and more sequels of decreasingly less value. Kind of like the Baldwin Brothers, oh Daniel Baldwin- burn!

1.  Brad Pitt and Doug Pitt

2. Patrick Swayze and Don Swayze

3.  Rob Lowe and Chad Lowe

4.  Matt Dillon and Kevin Dillon

5. Owen and Luke Wilson, and brother Andrew Wilson

6. Zac Efron and Dylan Efron

7. Emma Watson and Alex Watson

8.  Beyoncé Knowles and Solange Knowles

9. Miley Cyrus and Brandi Cyrus

10. Penelope Cruz Monica Cruz

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