10 Reasons 2015 is Going to Kick Ass

Some people say that as a new year draws to a close, we should look back and reflect on the moments that shaped our lives. I say, “Screw that.” Looking back is for victims being stalked in horror movies and people with bad back acne. We don’t want to reflect on the accomplishments and failures that we have no power to change or experience again. We want to look forward at the year ahead and what it has to offer us.

1. Stephen Colbert’s Debut on CBS

When the news broke that Stephen Colbert was taking over for the retiring David Letterman, it was bittersweet. It meant we’d have to say goodbye to the Stephen Colbert we’ve grown accustomed to all these years to help us get through the drudgery of the daily news. However, we’re really looking forward to seeing what the real Colbert has to offer when he moves to network television in 2015. Source.

2. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

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Sci-fi geeks have been suffering under the thumb of George Lucas for too long. Now we finally get a fresh take on the “Star Wars” universe from a visionary director and Lucas doesn’t even have a lousy producer credit on it. This is like learning that there is a Santa Claus or that you don’t have herpes after all.

3. “Mad Max: Fury Road”

The fans have been clamoring for a new “Mad Max” movie for a long time and we’re finally going to get one in 2015. It gets even better. Mel Gibson’s crazy face is nowhere near this thing and we’re sure there’s a really angry, expletive filled voicemail on one of the producers’ phones that they can use to promote the thing before it makes its way to the theaters.

4. Avengers: Age of Ultron

The first “Marvel’s Avengers” movie was just the kind of film that comic book fans expect when Hollywood dares to take their precious characters and stories off the page and put it on the big screen. Now they’re doing it again and it’s bound to be bigger and more epic than the first, even if they still have that guy with the bow and arrow the whole time.

5. Space Taxis

We may still not have flying cars but at least NASA is headed in that direction and 2015 promises the biggest leap to that achievement that we’ve dreamed about ever since we saw our first “Jetsons” episode. NASA teamed up with some private companies to launch a fleet of space vehicles that can quickly transport astronauts into space and tentative plans include a possible launch next year. Source.

6. The Hadron Collider Fires Up Again

It’s been two years since they had to shut down the Hadron Collider for repairs but it will open for business again in 2015. The new upgrades it got in that time could help us find and explore even more theoretical masses in the universe such as the elusive dark matter. Source.

7. The Premiere of “Better Call Saul”

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The end of “Breaking Bad” also marked the end of some of the most enjoyable and shocking times we’ve spent in front of our TVs. Thankfully, Vince Gilligan isn’t making us wait for the spinoff from one of the show’s more unique characters with a prequel that tells the story of Walter White’s conniving lawyer Saul Goodman.

8. Apple Watch Release

Yeah, we know that Apple already has most of your money and they still find ways to dick us around like when they announced they would stop making iPod Classics. However, you have to admit that an iPhone that you can wear on your wrist sounds like something that only existed in sci-fi stories and it’s actually becoming a reality. Could those chest communicators from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” be far behind it?

9. “House of Cards” Season 3

Netflix has been able to completely change TV’s game by giving us shows that we actually want and can watch whenever we want. Plus, they’ve also given us something brilliant with the gritty political drama “House of Cards” and next season, the conniving Frank Underwood is going to be the President of the United Frickin’ States of America.

10. It’s The Year Marty McFly Travels To In Back to the Future Part II

Every year, some idiot on Facebook manages to fool all of his friends by making them believe that they are living in the year that Marty McFly traveled forward in time because they discovered the “Back to the Future Day Generator.” (http://www.itsbacktothefutureday.com) Now as the Who once said, “we won’t get fooled again” because 2015 contains the actual date that Marty traveled to in order to save his future family from a life of crime and despair. Hopefully, we’ll also have flying frickin’ skateboards by Oct. 21st like we’ve been promised since 1989 as well.

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