We Asked Doug Benson 10 Really Random Questions

The host of Getting Doug With High, one of my favorite internet shows currently, as well as the host of The Benson Movie Interruption, the monthly show at LA’s Cinefamily which is easily one of the better ways to spend $14 bucks (aside from that $14 pinball machine you found on sale), is this week’s 10 Random Questions participant; the hilarious Doug Benson.  The questions are always random and the answers are always…randomer?  Without further ado, here are the 10 RQ’s.

1. If you had to create a brand new superpower, never having existed before in comics, television or movies, what would you want yours to be?

I already have a super power I’ve never seen before. It’s the ability to go to any city in the world, tweet about where I am, and then weed magically appears. I have to say it’s pretty awesome being me. 

2. If you had to combine three famous women into one to create the perfect woman, who would you combine and which parts?

First I’d take Kate Upton’s body, then i would… you know what? Why go to all the trouble of combining women? Just give me Kate Upton, thanks. 

3. Who is your favorite movie villain? And who is your favorite movie hero?

The best villain of all time is Heath Ledger’s Joker. I love that movie, but it’s his performance that makes “The Dark Knight” my absolute favorite super hero movie. As far as heroes go, I really thought Christopher Reeve nailed it in the first “Superman.” And I really like Michael Cera in “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” because he doesn’t want to be the hero at all.

4. You wake up one morning, and realize you’ve time travelled to 1950. What’s the first thing you would do.

Try to have sex with Marty McFly’s mother.

5. If you had to have a deceased celebrity drive you to the airport, who would you choose?

George Carlin, for sure. He’s one comedian I’ll always be sad I never got to meet. Seems like a crappy thing to do with the ghost of a legendary comic, but maybe we could pull over along the way and hot box the car.

6. If you had to steal one thing undetected from the White House, what would it be?

Obama’s blunt roller. He must have one. For emergencies.

7. You’ve been invited to three different parties on the same night and can only go to one: Your options are Frankenstein’s  (The Monster) wedding, Rick Deckard’s (Blade Runner) book club, or Superman’s birthday party.

Rick Deckard’s book club sounds boring, even by book club standards, Superman’s birthday is no fun because he can see through the wrapping and knows exactly what he’s getting, so I’d go to the Monster’s wedding, which could be fun if they have an open bar.

8. What is your worst nightmare come to life?

Prison. I’m so scared of prison, I can’t even watch those prison shows on MSNBC. Or “Orange Is The New Black.” But at least they have flashbacks to when the characters weren’t incarcerated.

9. What advice would you give to any comedians who literally started being a comedian today?

Thanks to social media, you can get your stuff out there in many ways. You don’t have to be hired by a comedy club. You can just tell jokes straight into your phone and then put it on the internet. Of course getting up on stage and honing your material and working on your craft is important, too. But there are more shortcuts to notoriety these days. Just find your path and go for it!

10. What is the meaning of life in one word?  Feel free to explain the one word.

Fun. If you’re not having it, you should try to. I’ve found that marijuana helps to get me there. But find whatever it is that puts you in the fun zone. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, it’s your right to enjoy your life.

You can find the great Doug Benson on twitter @DougBenson 

Who should we ask random questions to next?? Let me know @Todd_Spence